August 19, 2014

Jason Riley brings very strong points about racism in America and what is happening in Ferguson Missouri and while my column today focuses on the militarization of our local police there are merging issues. Poverty is not the reason Michael Brown robbed the Quickmart, drugs were. 


Crime in black America has many tennicals and while these two issues seem different making police into military personnel is not the answer to street crime, it will result in more problems.

This is not the answer to the problems in America

The militarization of local police around the country is an important subject and needs addressing. America is not a military battlefield, even after 9/11 and the gear it furnishes our police officers with is only half the problem, the other half is the attitude that comes with the attire. The police are public servants who serve as peace keepers in our neighborhoods not battle hardened military personnel   serving on the battlefield streets of Fallujah ready to pounce on the enemy.


The difference between the two are night and day and while many Democrats are making the point that the police look like military they are missing an important element, the attitude that flows from the battlefield uniform. Our police officers no longer are taught how to deescalate the situation using their heart and mind, backed up by the sidearm on their belt, they are taught to bark and treat the citizenry as a potential threat to be removed.


After 9/11 our country made a decision, they wanted to protect the people of America from terrorists they were sure would attempt to hit the homeland of America, meaning our malls and movie theatres. Our local police were also dealing with a different threat, the active shooter. Both were real and our state and local police were ill trained for these new emerging threats.


The answer: give Federal money to states and allow them to train their police departments. Not an unreasonable choice and an understandable response after 9/11. In Connecticut the State police were going to be the response team and each local department would train a task force, SWAT team, to be the first responders to threats to citizens. The training was and is taught  by military personnel.


Remember the Boston Marathon bombers who were hiding in the city after a gunfight in the streets.  The citizens of Boston handed over their sovereignty to the Boston police who shutdown the city and searched buildings and homes one by one. The police only found the lone surviving terrorist because an alert citizen found him bleeding to death in his backyard in a boat. It should have been a reminder to our State and Federal governments that American's have always been part of the solution, not the problem. However, this is not how it was digested, for that matter, I doubt this ever occurred to them. What the police and government got out of the cooperation from the citizenry was that they could successfully shut down a major city and do a house to house military search, complete with hauling innocent people out of their homes  as if they were criminals WITHOUT A 4TH AMENDMENT WARRANT SEARCH WARRANT WITH A BREAK ENTRY! 

What these police did was illegal and unconstitutional!!!


This is huge and we need to understand that we just watched our police take over a city like our military would do in Iraq. In America we are innocent before PORVEN guilty. In a war zone you are a potential threat to be neutralized. 


Over the past several years we have been watching our peace officers turn into battle hardened military personnel trained to protect the homeland from the threats within. What they forgot is the 90% of the citizenry and threats need a peace officer not a combat veteran. Those of us who see America as home of the brave and land of the free understand and see this new style police and resent it. We want our police to be the neighbor in uniform we call for the 90% of issues that occur in our community. If we get into a fender bender we want the police to help with the injured and remind everyone on scene that it was an accident and these things happen that our cars can be fixed and everything will be okay. We don't want people treated as if they are criminals who need to be concerned about being hauled off to prison for a traffic violation, yet here we are.


I used to respect our police and admire the job they did. I felt relieved when I saw they were involved, but not anymore. I have watched police officers haul off 13 year old boys in school for verbal threats due to bullying. I've watched them treat the parents as pariah's of the community while only having half the story. One of these boys who was bullied time and again in school. After a year of it he got fed up and  finally snapped. He threatened to kill one of his tormentors which got him hauled off to prison. Yes, PRISON! While his solution was wrong the response from the adults was insane. The boy's parents had to hire an attorney and the police threatened, illegally, to confiscate his guns. This boy digested all this by turning to the only ones who could understand his plight, the rest of the boys who had poor coping skills and used marijuana as the solution.


No one in this story acted appropriately, but for me what died was my respect for police. The peace officers are gone and are now the enforcers of laws they make up to bully the citizenry into submission.  While I understand this one story is but an isolated incident it is part of the broader picture of how our society is collapsing. The adults have checked out in our schools and in our police. What has taken over in our schools is fear, the fear of being sued. Our beloved peace officers are gone, replaced with a hardnosed military mentality  bent on bending the citizenry to their will at the point of a gun, the law be damned.


How did we get to the point where an 18 year old boy steals $50 in cigars for marijuana smoking and is dead 5 minutes later?! Please don't tell me this could not have been handled differently. Troubled kids don't need hardnosed military police, they need a community who can teach our troubled boys to be men.

August 18, 2014

August 14, 2014

On Display....14 Years of Leftist Policies

Now this is interesting, as the FED slows down QE spending the price per barrel of oil is coming down. The EIA (Energy Information Administration) had been “confounded” by the fact that a barrel of oil remained at around $100 per barrel instead of what they “predicted,” between, $82 to $87 a barrel. It was confounding to the EIA because the supply of oil was in plenty, even with all the Middle East turmoil, and, even while the demand had dropped significantly.


Yesterday Investors Business Daily said oil usage, for the month of July, was high Americans used 8.5 million barrels, the most in decades. The easy money for the “rich fat cats” created by the FEDS had created a weak dollar causing crude oil prices to rise. As the FED eases the amount of “free money” to the “fat cat’s” oil prices are also dropping.


This is good for the little guy because gas and oil prices have been draining the pockets of consumers for the past few years. The FEDs were trying to create a Reagan style trickle down effect, you know, the one the Left claimed never worked and gave us trillion dollar deficits?!


The difference between the two types of “trickle down” policies is Reagan used tax cuts and business incentives in order to stimulate the economy, while the Left created money out of thin air and gave it to banks to “redistribute” or loan out. The people they chose to loan the money to were the wealthy Wall Street people.


While Reagan had a Democrat House and Senate who spent the nation into oblivion, a fact Democrats never like to talk about, Obama has spent $7 trillion dollars in 6 years, more than all previous Presidents combined. Additionally, the FED printed some $5 trillion dollars and then bought the Bonds we couldn’t sell (you go try that).  All this money printing and spending and the American people suffered. To illustrate the point even further, remember under President Clinton spending stayed calm.  During Clintons re-election bid the American people granted him his election but with a Republican Congress. Together, Clinton and Gingrich hammered out deals to get people off welfare and working while keeping spending low. When Bush the younger took office we had banked, so to speak, $5 trillion, which was returned to the American people. Unfortunately for America, “compassionate conservatism” turns out to be nothing but Progressive light. Which is why I never understood the Left’s hatred of Bush, he was a prolific spender.


Anyway, getting back to the current money matter.  Washington never ceases to amaze me with their inability to understand economics and human nature. Oil prices remaining high sapped peoples’ spending money and, instead of spending it on stuff, went into their gas tanks. Gas prices coming down can only help consumer spending on clothing, shoes, homes, and stuff. The stuff American’s haven’t been able to purchase in years due to high oil prices.


The problem is China, Russia, and India have been busy accumulating power and wealth, while Obama has been doing what he promised to do when elected, manage the decline of American power. It turns out heavy regulations, declining to help our friends around the world along with a new health care system which will consolidate more power in DC and having the highest corporate tax rates in the world are giving the American pause.


The past 14 years has been prima fascia evidence of the failures of Leftism whether it is delivered by a “compassionate Conservative” or a Marxist, the results are the same, failure.

August 13, 2014

August 7, 2014

On Ebola

Quotes from Richard Fernandez:


Ebola is proving the proposition that when dealing with nature, if you lie you die.


Naturally the World Health Organization is meeting to decide whether the experimental drug Zmapp should be provided to the stricken African countries. Nothing like demanding a uncertified, unneeded product created by a morally defective capitalist pharmaceutical system to save the world. 


We often forget that the sacred texts of mankind began as practical documents.  They were checklists. And we may well rediscover this fact before the end. One can imagine the last two postmoderns crawling towards each other in the ruins of a once great city to die, and while waiting to expire engage in conversation to pass the time.

“Waldo,” the first said, “do you remember that tablet displayed in front of the Texas Statehouse. You know, back when there was a Texas?”

“Yeah, didn’t it have a whole bunch of stuff scrawled on it? Tell me again what it said,” replied the other.

“Waldo, it said, ‘thou shalt not kill.’ And ‘thou shalt not lie’.”

“Anything else?”

“Yes it also said, ‘thou shalt not steal’. Plus somewhere in the middle said, ‘thou shalt not have sex with people you weren’t married to.’”

“Yeah, I remember it now,” the second post-modern said. “What a bunch of hooey. It’s a right wing, nutjob, racist document called the Ten Commandments.  It’s a religious document.”

“No Waldo,” the first replied. “That’s where you’re wrong. It ain’t no religious document. I just figured out it was a survival manual.”



The Left has spent my lifetime eating away at truth. The damage done to America and the world is starting to show its fruits. Both the Left and Islamism are acting in concert because while each may use different tools to destroy truth it doesn’t change the fact that they are destroying truth.


The media is smart enough to know if they tell the truth the American people would be far more angry with the Democrats



The African summit held at the White House over the past few days shows Barak Obama has not abandoned his debate notion of speaking to anyone, including the worst human rights violators on planet earth. The leaders who were hosted at the White House have a long dubious record of bloody coups, homophobia (The real kind where you are met with death, not the Democrat party fabricated kind they use on political opponents here in America.) The only one not included was Robert Mugabe. The Democrat Media played their role in not reporting this important fact.


I wonder how the American people would feel if they knew their tax dollars were spent whining and dinning murderers and real human scum as opposed to spending the money on the poor people of this country. Isn’t that what they always accuse the Republicans of doing when we try to fight our enemies? The very enemies Obama seems to be cozying up to.


I wonder how Americans would view this President if they were given all the facts about who Barak Obama is allowing to negotiate the deal between Israel and the Arabs living in Gaza? Do they know Turkey and Qatar are two of the biggest sponsors and financial supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas? Are they aware of the fact that the only larger supporter of terrorists is Iran, to which the Obama administration has decided they will negotiate in good faith with too?!


Do you think the American people are aware that Venezuela receives the Iranian military guard at their airports on a weekly basis and maybe, just maybe, these people are also some of those “children” crossing our Southern border?!


Then look at China and Russia who are seizing lands like they accuse Israel of doing, only Russia and China are doing it the old fashioned way, at the point of a gun. Israel could wipe out the inhabitants of Gaza and the West Bank, yet they spend billions of dollars on smart bombs in order to preserve life. Not even America can claim they call, drop leaflets, and text message civilian inhabitants telling them to clear the premises they are going to bomb, only Israel does this and yet they are accused of horrible acts which closer resemble the blood libels of yester years.


It is hard not to look at the actions of President Barak Obama and not conclude he is a blithering idiot or is trying to bring down America. How else can you explain the results? What is horrifying and appalling is the silence from Democrats and the media.


President Obama and his minions accuse their political opponents of heinous acts of human and civil rights violations yet the price of gas at nearly $4 a gallon hurts whom most? The poor. A weak economy hurts who most, the poor. Spending billions on non American children hurts whom, our poor.


Leaving the border open and allowing anyone to enter the country while we are fighting an enemy who does not wear a uniform and seeks to set off bombs inside our borders in shopping malls enters our country unimpeded and, one could argue, with the blessings of the Democrat party.


It begs the question how in the heck is it possible the Republican Party cannot find the words to oppose this President and his party. Yes, they will be accused of racism and yes there are those who will believe the charge, but what’s the difference the American people are twice as upset with Republicans as Democrats, as they should be. If we are only going to have two parties can the opposing party please make a case rather than just being seen as the party of no?!