February 7, 2017

Repealing Bad Laws


The Left is showing the world they have a loose grip on sanity. They are encouraging their base to take to the streets and fight Trump every step of the way. They know the longer they hold up Trump’s nominees the closer we get to mid-term elections and the less likely congress will do anything to pass Trump’s agenda.


Trump must get the economy going in order for Congress to run on a strong record on continue implementing his agenda that he ran on. Part of his agenda is tax cuts and reforms, part of it is deregulation, and part is repealing Obamacare.


It’s the last one which seems to be creating a rift within the party. The free marketers’ want to repeal the law and not replace it. They want the market, the ones who know their clients best, to serve their clients, unencumbered by Washington. This means loosening regulations in order for real interstate commerce to take hold. Meaning, allow states to compete within other states for clients.


Additionally, they want to set up high risk pools in order to help those who, due to health reasons may not be able to obtain healthcare. For the record, if you are insured through your employer you are rarely denied coverage.


Allowing trades to form coops and buy insurance through coops allows clients better rates and insurance companies the cash they need to take on high risk clients. The government encumbers these transactions from happening.


The problem, just like Obamacare not everyone has insurance, even if you use the Obama White Houses numbers they don’t solve the problems. The law wasn’t intended to do that anyway, it was intended to redistribute cash from the working middle class to the poor.


I strongly believe if we have the technology and cure for something NO ONE should die or remain sick. There has to be a way for states, charities, healthcare professionals, and the like to pool their resources and make possible these life-saving techniques and cures. Obviously, the patient will make payments in order that their life is saved, if necessary for life. The payments should not bankrupt them. However, I refuse to believe we can’t find a way. We just need to become creative.


The Left has their heart in the right place, but their methods and ways are dangerous and cruel when enacted. The reason is because the people in power are not interested in solving problems their interested in power and money.


Healthcare problems are not insurmountable accept when politicians get involved. Get the government out of the way and let the states experiment for their citizens. Ask for charity when needed and allow for ingenuity and the solutions will present themselves. Stop letting the people who screwed up the system to begin with continue to keep their hands in it.


Let Washington create the environment and the people will thrive.

February 1, 2017



Says the non-bias (cough, cough) media.


The media continues to demonstrate their bias with the above headline. Let me understand the situation, Democrats don’t show up for committee hearings for two days holding up major secretary positions like, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Health and Human Services, and Treasury Secretary and the media complains about Republicans?


This stunt, and that’s just what it is a stunt, by Democrats is nothing more than a temper tantrum and bully tactic. Democrats are trying to flex their muscles and show brute political power when they have none.


The problem for Left is that Republicans are no longer taking it. I predict in a year, if Trump is doing well Democrats will regret acting like spoiled little children who can’t play nice in the sandbox.

January 17, 2017

The Inner Torment of a Leftist


In Dennis Prager’s new PragerU video he asks the question, are people more valuable then animals?


One of my favorite Rabbi’s is Akiva Tatz, who takes up this very issue in some of his teachings. He offers two example stories.


Story One:


His friend, an Orthodox Jew, sat next to a woman on a plane. When it came time for their food orders the Jew ordered a vegan meal in order for it to be kosher (in keeping with the laws of Kashrut). She too ordered a vegan meal. After the flight attendant left the woman asked the man asked if he was a vegan? He said no are you? She said, “No, I just don’t eat other animals.”


The man was too shocked and said nothing. Rabbi Tatz, on the other hand, wanted to know why the woman didn’t reach over and take a bite out of the Jewish man’s throat…after all, wouldn’t any other animal if they were hungry?


Story Two:


A student was told by his college Professor man is no different than a gorilla. Rabbi Tatz said this was ridiculous because if the professor showed up one night to his home and saw another male leaving his bedroom after being with his wife he wouldn’t then turn around and say, there goes another gorilla.


The Left are anti monotheist. They have gods and their gods are nature & animals. Their church is government and their teachings are the politics they espouse.


The Left project all their hate and anger toward the world onto their political enemies. They engage in anti-humanizing tactics in order to maintain power and control.


I believe with all my heart and soul the Left are tormented souls who don’t trust their own feelings or thoughts. Furthermore, they are embarrassed by their rage which can barely contain. This is the reason they don’t want people to have guns. Ask an anti-gun person and they will admit, if they had a gun they’d use it on someone.


They believe everyone has such thoughts and violent feelings, therefore the populace must be controlled by those who understand and know better. We who don't have these same feelings or have control over our feelings don't require these fences to prevent our violent urges. So, it should surprise no one the ideas they echampion are due to their own inner discomforts about themselves.


Leftist’s live like conservatives, but they advocate like totalitarians.

January 16, 2017

Climate Change, Marbles, and the Left


Listening to the hearings of Trump’s nominees was beyond surreal, it traveled into bizarre. Take for example the newly elected Senator from California, Kamala Harris, who used her time to ask Mike Pompeo, Trump’s hopeful for CIA Director about the LGBT community and Climate Change. Yes, you read that correctly, according to Senator Harris the Central Intelligence agency should be concerned about Climate Science and its effects on spies. I’m not even addressing the other issue.


The Left thinks climate change has created instability around the world like flooding’s, droughts, and food shortages, you know the kinds of stuff that never happen. It’s even worse the Left thinks this makes people in the Middle East kill one another. As if none of this was going on 30+ years ago.


The fact is, barring the Middle East who have been killing each other for over 1000 years, all of these climactic events are being solved, not because of climate change but because we now have the technology (unlike in the past) to solve them. However, I wouldn’t tell a Leftist this they might become violent and burn a city down, but I digress.


Next Dr. Ben Carson, who is the nominee for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), was questioned by Senator Elizabeth Warren over greenhouse gas emissions. She wanted to know what Carson would do to address climactic events.


Then there was Rex Tillerson who would be Secretary of State and might run into issues pertaining to climate change, but his question was about the mountain pine beetle of Oregon and how it would invade forest species he claimed was expanding as a result of warming.


This is the new abortion test for the Left, but all of these ridiculous questioning will pale in comparison to Trump’s nominee for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Scott Pruitt.


If anyone was upset over Ringling Brothers Circus going out of business after 100 years last week just tune into the hearings for Mr. Pruitt, this is guaranteed to be a circus.


The Left has lost their marbles over climate change and like abortion, climate change will be a litmus test. If you disagree with them on the “science” you will be deemed an enemy of the state. The Wall Street Journal lists Scott Pruitt, Trump’s EPA Secretary nominee’s achievements this way:


“Mr. Pruitt has a scrappy legal background, including a constitutional challenge to the EPA’s abusive Clean Power Plan, but the real irony is that his environmental record, as traditionally understood, is strong. As AG, he negotiated a state compact with Arkansas to clean up phosphorous pollution in the Illinois River, lobbied for the federal 2016 Frank Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act, and sued poultry farms that didn’t control waste runoff as well as oil companies with leaking underground storage tanks.”


Unfortunately, these are no longer environmental issues to the Left because in the mind of the Left carbon is a threat to the world and denying it makes you Hitler. This is the state of the Left and if they wanted another reason why the American people voted for Trump you can add this to the pile.


Bjorn Lomborg, a Climate Change believer helps better understand the state of "climate science," in the latest PragerU video below.

January 4, 2017



2016 has been an interesting year, not only politically, but personally for me.

Back in August I suffered a near death experience when I had cardiac tamponade. This is when the sac which surrounds the heart fills with fluid and prevents the chambers from pumping proficiently or, at all. It happened quickly and resulted in open heart surgery.


I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance (truly not the way I would have liked) and the last thing I remember before blacking out was the ER Doctor saying, “she’s critical.”


Two days later I was in a stepdown unit when I couldn’t catch my breath and my blood oxygen level was critical. Because I did not pump blood efficiently during the first episode my blood clotted and I bi-lateral pulmonary embolisms and a clot in my right atrium (upper chamber). This resulted in a second open heart surgery.


Truly, the entire thing sucked and I’d only wish something like this on my worst enemies. Since then I’ve been working to build my strength and cardio back up. Since I teach self-defense for a living this has been time consuming and, while I am getting stronger, I still need more strength training and training my skills back to where they were. This has been the reason I haven’t been able to blog, not that I haven’t had much to say.


I am happy G-d has given me more time and while there were times I wasn’t able to see past what I was going through it made me be more appreciative in life.


I am hoping to update the blog 2 to 3 times per week, but the priority is training. Thank you for understanding.

As Always Melanie Phillips Delivers

December 16, 2016

I don’t know about you, but I’m enjoying watching the Left meltdown. I know, I know, I shouldn’t be, but I am.


These people have called those of us who disagree with them every name in the book for years. I for one, am tired of being called a hater. Especially when the fact is the haters are the Left. For every name they call me, it is 100% projection on their part. Yet much of the public seems to fall for it.


So, to watch them in all their miserable glory make fools of themselves; I can’t help it, it makes me smile.


Therefore, with great alacrity I bring you today’s Ammo Grrrll, probably her best of the year, because laughing is fun.



Ammo Grrrll gets in the spirit of the (political) season in MANY HACKS A-HACKING: And a Partridge In a Pear Tree! She writes:


If you live long enough, you will see everything again. The last “hack alert” I recall most vividly came from Hillary’s galpal’s husband-like substance, the estimable Mr. Carlos Danger. When his enchanting photographic art (The Pecs and Crotch Period) came to light, he first Tweeted that he had been hacked, adding for verisimilitude, “What’s next? Will my toaster attack me?” What a card, that Danger guy! (Is using “Carlos” to troll high school girls more sexist or racist? You be the judge.)


Joy Behar, second-banana harridan from The View, is concerned that we have to stop Trump who she suggests should resign before the inauguration. Good one, Joy. He’ll get right on that. And why? Because with Trump as President, Old Glory will soon be festooned with a hammer and sickle. Bet that one caught you by surprise!


Joy, Joy, Joy, did you not get the DNC memo? Trump is a Nazi, remember Lady Gaga and Sarah Silverman in those adorable Nazi outfits? And a racist. So, the danger to the flag – which, in any event, leftists love to see burned and disrespected – is that it will have a swastika or the Stars and Bars, not the hammer and sickle. I know you’re an idiot, but try to keep up with the narrative, dear.


Not even to mention that Leftists LOVE them some communism in all its incarnations – Chinese (Tom Friedman wets himself at the very thought of being able to FORCE people to do things with the gay abandon that China does); Cuba, where all the important movie stars and football kneelers worshiped Che and Fidel; and Russia, of course, which was presented by Obama and Hillary with the famous Red “Reset” button. Never mind that the Russian word on the button translated as “Overload” which must have had the Russians scratching their heads. The Reset Button was, arguably, a nicer gift than the Collected Speeches of Chairman Obama given to The Queen of England. Lucky for her, the speeches were not in a format that worked in Britain. Classy.


Remember way back to the 2012 debates when Mitt warned about Putin? And the response was “The eighties called. They want their foreign policy back.” Another knee-slapper. And now, suddenly, Putin is a BAD GUY? Who hacks and changes the outcome of our elections, the way Obama tried to do in Israel? Tut-tut.


I watch a lot of crime shows, so I know that a criminal needs both motive and opportunity. In 50 state elections (57 if you do Obama’s count) , with everything from early voting to election-day-registration to voting machines and paper ballots, where exactly is the opportunity for Putin to hack?

And more to the point: WHY? What on earth would motivate Vlad to prefer Donald to Hillary? She already sold him all the uranium he wanted. She blurted on national television the time it takes to launch an attack. Her whole “pay to play” fraudulent charity meant she had a giant “For Sale” sign on her ample rear. Trump is supposed to be a maniac who can’t be trusted with the nuclear codes, unlike, say, Jimmah Carter, who once sent a coat to the cleaners which contained the codes. Why would Mr. Putin want such a terrifying loose cannon to win?


Apart from liking beautiful women, which sets them apart from all the men I know, it’s not clear that Donald and Vlad have that much in common. For example, I have never once seen Trump without a shirt and hope to maintain that record until the day I die.


I have never witnessed such a mass psychosis reaction to an election outcome in all my born days. Good Lord, the weeping, the wailing about what to tell “the children,” the threats to keep Grandmas who voted for Trump from seeing their grandchildren, the “protests” in the street, the “He’s Not My 

December 13, 2016

Unleashing Potential for the Benefit of People




Israeli's have successfully grown, in a lab, bone which is inserted into a person suffering bone loss. The semi liquid bone was injected into the gap where the bone was lost and successfully grafted.


The research and development (R&D) programs within Israel are providing a thriving and prosperous wave of medical and technological advancements unparalleled anywhere else on the planet. It is, in part, what happens when you get government out of the hands of pay for play interests. Government, in the right hands helps provide resources for people advancement and not ideological advancement, like America has had over the past 8+ years.


If America were given more non ideological government aid based on the potential of an invention by its evidence we would be much further down the road. May be we may have cured cancer by now. Unfortunately, more often than not, our money is wasted on the whiff of an assumption that something may go wrong if a human being interacts with it or ideologically driven wind and solar energy.


The greatest invention in America over the past decade has been at the hands of big oil who has developed safe methods of reaching deep into the core of the earth and pulling out crude. 


Let us hope we have hired a President who unleashes the potential for the people and not ideology or regulations for the sake of a government employee justifying his or her existence.

December 12, 2016

Real men


Ward Cleaver as the stud who is responsible, trustworthy and dedicated to his family is more common than one might think, although saying so today wouldn’t win you any accolades.


The message was to men and boys about what being man means. Here’s another bonus, one which the video didn’t really address, being responsible is the best message to give children.


For children, the Ward Cleaver composite is a model.  For girls, a loving caring husband and father is the best model for her because it is said we marry our parents when we get older.


The boy sees how his Dad loves him and takes care of the family. He goes to work every day; he makes important decisions which effect the family. He comes home every night, demonstrating his devotion to his family.


There is no better model for the social fabric of society then men like Ward Cleaver.

December 6, 2016

December 4, 2016

God's wonderful sense of irony and humor


To you Communists who fawned over Fidel Castro and his murderess regime, he died on Black Friday, how ironically delicious.

Trending on Twitter


There is a #thatshowyougotTrump trending on Twitter started by Ace of Spades blogger. He quotes the media and politicians actions followed by the #thatshowyougotTrump. He takes us down memory lane reminding everyone of the Left’s actions over the last 8 years. Some are infuriating to remember and some are delicious.



The media’s discrediting of the Tea Party in 2009 was infuriating. The new narrative we would live with for 8 years each and every time someone opposed Barak Obama’s policies was born with the rise of the Tea Party; you’re a racist and #thatshowyougotTrump.



The media’s disgusting “tea bagging” name they called people exercising their first amendment rights is a perfect example of #thatshowyougotTrump.



The media’s disinterest in Barak Obama’s IRS and DOJ targeting of private citizens who were part of the Tea Party movement was a new low in journalistic and government malfeasance and #thatshowyougotTrump.



What was particularly interesting was the medias lack of concern about Eric Holder’s DOJ who put a journalist a terrorist watch list, with no evidence of terrorism, merely to obtain the journalists emails and listen to his phone conversations in order to uncover leaks in his own administration.  Holder claimed it was a mistake. I’ll say, and had it been a Republican Attorney General the media would not have rested until he or she was indicted and #thatshowyougotTrump.




After the election, the useful idiots of Communism and “Democratic Socialism” (psst., that’s communism you idiots) took to the streets shouting and chanting F-Trump. These are the children raised by the people of the self-esteem movement who believe that just because they showed up they deserve a trophy #thatshowyougotTrump.




Every one of us want people to have a healthy self-esteem, however as is typical of the Left, whenever they get involved in something they F#@% it up. They don’t mean to; they always mean well - they just can’t help themselves.



The reason is simple their moral compass is upside down causing everything they touch or do to get F#@%ed-up. I know they hate to hear it and would scoff at the notion, after all even a broken clock is right twice a day, right? It would seem when it comes to the Left’s record the answer to that is no, and #thatshowyougotTrump.




The fact is Barak Obama is the major reason for the countries mood. From his use of executive action on illegal immigration to his interference in public school bathroom guidelines pertaining to transgenderism he, more than anyone else, single handedly gave us Trump.



You want to know why the American people don’t want Muslim refugee’s vetted by the UN, just look at Europe. Muslim men are raping European born women and the European governments blame it on their own citizens #thatshowyougotTrump.



German citizens are claiming they no longer feel safe in the country they were born in because police no longer respond to calls to restore order in communities with refugees #thathowyougotTrump.



Here’s a thought, when addressing the people who seek to destroy you and your way of living by terrorizing the citizens, you might believe a show of force would be required. You might believe the leaders would try and unify the country, but you would be wrong #thatshowyougotTrump.





Rather than understanding the reasonable concerns of the American people Barak Obama, the Democrats, and the media have offered their own crusade against the American people calling them bigots and Islamophobes #thatshowyougotTrump.




The American people’s response to the tone-deaf country club crowd in Washington was to flock to Trump who proclaimed, no admittance from refugees; we will be for America first.  While the term refers to an uglier part of American history, the American people didn’t care they were sick and tired of Washington and Hollywood no nothings putting American people last. In addition, many of the Trump supporters I knew didn’t care anymore with be called an Islamaphobe because, unless they fell in line with the Left they were going to be labeled a bigot anyway and #thatshowyougotTrump.



Obama cared more about illegal immigrants and protecting sanctuary cities than he did protecting American citizens #thatshowyougotTrump.  




From the lies about the health care plan to weakness abroad perpetrated by both the media and the Democrats #thatshowyougotTrump.



Today’s youth has been taught for nearly 2 generation that America is evil and capitalism is to blame. Barak Obama said we have racism in our DNA #thatshowyougotTrump.



Obama and his compliant media claimed every confrontation between a black male and a police officer was steeped in racist policies and police departments. He unleashed his DOJ on police departments throughout the US creating doubt and distrust between community and police officers. The results were horrifying; police were executed and the media and Left weren’t in the least bit interested in looking to the highest offices of the land for creating the atmosphere and license to murder #thatshowyougotTrump.


In all of this the Left seems stunned and while I was never a Trump supporter I was surprised with how relieved I was when Hillary lost. Had Trump lost I would have been upset and felt fear for our once great nation, but I wouldn’t have turned to violence. The Left’s hypocrisy about the election results are deplorable. These people are so rabid they don’t even see how most Americans look at them in disgust.


Currently the Left has turned back to Nancy Pelosi as their leader and are flirting with Keith Ellison the first Muslim congressman to lead the Democrat party. Ellison is the racist and bigot the Left has accused Americans of for years. I pray they put him at the helm because this man is angry and bitter which will keep the Left in the woods for a long time.



As of this moment Left  is going through the stages of grief.



First it was denial claiming #notmypresident.

Then came anger accompanied by protests with some violence in the streets.

Now they are bargaining and have launched recounts in three states which were previously Democrat strongholds.

Soon to follow will be depression and eventually acceptance.



These stages of grief will take time and until such time lets enjoy these moments of insanity on display and say #thatshowyougotTrump.

December 1, 2016

The Left’s Fawning of Communist Dictators Continues


Fidel Castro, the brutal communist dictator, who ruled Cuba with an iron fist, died this week and the Left is in mourning.  Funny thing, when I see evil part from this world I feel the world is a little better for it. Since the Left’s moral compass is upside down they mourn the loss of evil.


Let’s look at the New York Times opening paragraph:


Fidel Castro, the fiery apostle of revolution who brought the Cold War to the Western Hemisphere in 1959 and then defied the United States for nearly half a century as Cuba’s maximum leader, bedeviling 11 American presidents and briefly pushing the world to the brink of nuclear war, died on Friday. He was 90.


An “apostle of revolution”? According to Dictionary.com the definition for apostle is, “a pioneer of any reform movement.” This was number 8 of 9 definitions; the previous 7 were all about Jesus. I find the use of the term apostle of revolution instructive, especially when claiming he “defied the US,” as if this was to be admired.


To better understand what the writer was saying we must first understand the Left, who despises Capitalism and all things Western. Particularly Jesus and his apostles who spread Christianity. Christian’s also embraced the (old) Bible ways of capitalism and civil law, the very things Leftism detests.


They view Marx and Marxism the same as Christians view Jesus and his apostles. Fidel was an apostle of Marx and the Utopian fantasy the Left seeks to bring to the world, by force if necessary.



Fidel Castro had held on to power longer than any other living national leader except Queen Elizabeth II. He became a towering international figure whose importance in the 20th century far exceeded what might have been expected from the head of state of a Caribbean island nation of 11 million people.


This is interesting because the comparison is pathetic at best, but a good illustration of how the Left uses Queen Elizabeth II to paint the illusion of Castro as benign monarch when the only thing they have in common is a lengthy time in office. This is moral equivalence and it’s the way the Left rolls. Queen Elizabeth’s reign has no direct power, it is an honorary position held in Britain. Castro violently overthrew the Cuban government and seized power. Anyone who didn’t agree with Castro was either imprisoned, put to death, or both. His rule was by the fist, not a crown.


He dominated his country with strength and symbolism from the day he triumphantly entered Havana on Jan. 8, 1959, and completed his overthrow of Fulgencio Batista by delivering his first major speech in the capital before tens of thousands of admirers at the vanquished dictator’s military headquarters.


Seriously?! “Strength and symbolism,” again this is another whitewashing of the violence with which he overthrew and ruled the Cuban government.


This is the tone of this very lengthy article in the NY Times and its all the evidence one needs to understand the Left will coddle to any dictator and his or her actions so long as it is in the cause of Marxism.


Let’s not forget we’ve lived through 8 years of a Leftist of our own, but I’ll let the guys of Right Angle take that one since I couldn’t have said it better.  


Daniel Greenfield takes a different view and says we should give thanks to the Left. He says,



if there were no left, would there be nearly as much patriotism among true Americans as there is now? And if there were no left, how many of us would really contemplate the core principles of freedom and free enterprise? If there were no left, how many of us would ponder what we truly believe and what compromises we are willing and unwilling to make? If there were no left, would we be the same people that we are today?



In the end, this week we witnessed another example for the sane world to see the Commie apologists for the naked twits they truly are.

November 30, 2016

The Left’s Real Agenda of Recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania


The Left is very animated over the election of Donald Trump. So much so, it begs the question why? Misogyny is one complaint, yet they were going to be okay with putting a real misogynist in Bill Clinton back into the White House.


They claim Trump is a liar. True, but Hillary lies about the time of day and that didn’t bother them.


Trump is a racist. They offer as proof his comment about a job with Mexican heritage and ties with Laraza (a Mexican power group) not being able to pass judgement about a lawsuit. Stupid and possibly bigoted, but actions mean more than words.


After all, Hillary Clinton was caught on numerous occasions slurring Jews. She called her husband’s first campaign manager a “f#*%g Jew bastard.” She has told Israel they are not allowed to build new homes in their own country, particularly in Jerusalem.  She pushed for the Iran deal, a deal which will be an existential threat to Israel. She’s kissed Yasser Arafat’s wife and has promoted anti-Israel actions through her surrogates while at the State Department.


I can do this all day, for every reason the Left/Progressives claim they are angry at Trump they need not look any further than their own 2016 Presidential candidate who is the mirror image of Trump. So then why are they so animated?


Why do the recounts in three Democrat states? They claim there is no evidence of voter fraud. They say they want to insure voter integrity with hackable voter machines and that every vote counts. Okay, however the same vulnerable voting machines were used in Republican states, why not ask for recounts there?


The reason is simple; they know their agenda is about to be reversed. They are mad because they thought they had concurred America into a docile pliable people who were ripe for a new socialist utopia the Left would build in America.


They were wrong and are not giving up on their Utopian world; they are changing tactics. They believe in calling into question Trump’s legitimacy as President they can slow down his agenda.


Trump lost the popular vote giving the Left a reason to claim Trump was not “democratically” elected. Furthermore, if they can force recounts in states which will not be finished counting by January 20th thereby having Trump fall short of the 270 electoral votes needed to take office; they will be forced to send the decision to the house of representatives. This further delegitimizes Trump, in their minds.


They will then claim Trump has no legitimate mandate and hope to convince peoples in states to put pressure on Republican representatives to not go along with Trump’s “dismantling of America”. The truth is the opposite, but we’ve abandoned truth so long ago it makes no difference anymore.