May 1, 2016

Quote of the day...


We are moving toward a dictatorship of relativism which does not recognize anything as for certain and which has as its highest goal one's own ego and one's own desires.

                                                                                            Pope Benedict XVI

Our Moral Abyss


This week George Will laid out the Conservative plan for saving Conservatism from the Trumpets and while it is a bitter pill to swallow I understand it and agree with him. The first is to consign the loss to one term of Hillary. The second is to save as many down ticket Conservatives as possible from the routing Donald Trump will cause.


Of course this will mean giving up the Supreme Court for a generation, but for those who seem hell bent on turning the party over to a Leftist demagogue who goes by the name of Donald J. Trump Billionaire, it will be just deserts. Condign, is the word Will used.


If Donald Trump loses in November it won't be the #NEVERTRUMP movements fault. We have stuck to our principals and let it be known we could never pull the lever for a guy who shares none of our ideas, values, and character.


From his bad hair, orange face, and small hands, to his  immoral behavior, his corrupt deals in Washington, and his treatment of women, we will not partake. So the loss will not be ours to share. The fact is even if Trump wins Conservatism loses.


It will be at the door step of those who fought for the moral bankruptcy of Donald Trump.


However, none of you will be able to gaslight your way out of this. I know, you'll try and blame us Conservatives as crybabies who threw a temper tantrum. Have at it, we warned you and you flipped us the bird.


I was there when you told us Trump was bringing in all these new voters to the Republican party, so you won't be able to claim our tiny Conservative movement stopped the Trump train.


From Herman Cain to the rest of the FoxNews Trumpets who are forever shoving Trump down our throats, I'm with Jonah Goldberg, " To the extent this stuff isn’t simply stupid, it amounts to coercion."


Trump is as dishonest as Hillary.


"Lyin' Ted Cruz"?!  My goodness, and talk radio let him get away with it? Well I won't forget.


Throughout the Hillary administration, or even if Trump wins, we will be rebuilding Conservatism and your input need not apply. The people who have gone over to Trump have little room in their lives for truth, they're too busy playing the blame game for Trump.  The blame game is no different than the Left's victim card just the targets.


Trump and his sycophants now claim Ted Cruz is the inside the beltway guy. Well now there's some gas lighting for you.


The Trumpets will be happy to know Trump's new outside image man is about as inside the establishment beltway as you can get. So those who claim Trump to hold the mantle of "outsider" you are about to find out how inside Trump really is.


Paul Manifort is Trump's new image man and his ties to Republican establishment and Russian President Vladimir Putin are extensive. You remember Putin, he's the guy who murdered his way to the top spot in Russia. Present at Trump's foreign policy speech, in the front row for that matter, was none other than Vladimir Putin's  American Ambassador.  The guys responsible for helping turn Ukraine and Crimea over to Russia are Trump's inside guys. Sleep well my puppies you'll need it.


So outside the beltway is Trump that John Boehner claims to be Trump's texting and golfing buddy. You people have been played.


The worst part of what the Coulter's, the Shlafly's, talk radio, and FoxNews have done -they have utterly abandonment Constitutional Conservatism. Their blatant desertion of  the only Constitutional Conservative in the race, Ted Cruz, and everything they have claimed they stood for can never be reclaimed by these people. You can try putting lipstick on a pig, but in the end, it's still a pig!


The world we now find ourselves facing can only be described by Kabbalism.


Kabbalism is Jewish mysticism and it teaches us about the spiritual worlds. There exists within the spiritual world a domain dedicated to neutrality. This neutral world should be held by wisdom and beauty. Matters such as mathematics, poetry, art, & philosophy where truth and beauty are recognizable and they tend to favor a positive spirit.


However, the neutral world also has a negative spirit as well.  This spiritual negativity has manifest itself by those who have sat out the fights with the Left over the past few decades. While the Left has been assaulting our values, our culture, and our way of life for decades many people have just ignored it and went on with their lives. They have remained agnostic for all intense of purpose by staying on the sidelines and out of the fight.


In so doing, they have become indifferent to the plight of America and the values which built her. This created a spiritual abyss which now has real life consequence in this world, the world of action. By allowing the Left victories with lies from economics, to what constitutes a man from a woman -negative energy has become stronger.  


We have allowed our history to be rewritten with lies and slanders. We have confused right from wrong with mantras like, one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter or all cultures are equal.


We have shut God out of the public arena step by step allowing evil to have its way time and again. In essence we have allowed the Left to tell us America is an awful nation filled with racists, bigots, homophobes, and Islamaphobes for so long, we are no longer are able to recognize truth from fiction.


The culmination of this moral abyss which we have been sinking deeper and deeper into is now presenting itself in the form of an election. If all goes well for evil this election will be between Hillary Rodham Clinton vs. Donald J. Trump.


They are the manifestation of unchecked spiritual negativity.  They are the physical form of moral bankruptcy and corruption, and one in indistinguishable from the other.

Bill Whittle's Firewall this week is an excellent demonstration of how the Tribal Left's, Cultural Appropriation movement is full of hypocrite crybabies who know nothing, particularly about all the things they've "appropriated" from the White man and if they want to play that game, they'll lose. 

Powerline every Saturday does "the week in pictures" reminding me that if you can't laugh, you'll cry from what is happening...


here are a few...

You can check out the rest by clicking here.

April 29, 2016

Crowder's epic takedown


Steven Crowder, Professor Christina Hoff Somers and Milo Yiannopoulos who were invited to speak on UMass campus about free speech. There were protestors who came out against them. Then  there were those who couldn't tolerate speech that differed from their own and were in the theatre shouting down the speakers.


Crowder has sat through the event waiting for his turn to speak. When he did he couldn't hold back anymore. Here is what happened... 

someone decided to have a little fun with the protestor who couldn't tolerate free speech other than her own.


Truthfully, I have a funny feeling she's had a diffucult life with bullying, but the fact is, she seems to have turned into the hatefilled people she grew up having to listen to.

Finally, a 15 minute mix of what the speakers had to go through when trying to speak at a free speech on campus lecture. This all lead up to Crowder's evisceration.