October 24, 2014

October 23, 2014

Making peace


I trained yesterday with a guy who is 6'3 250+ pds. and a really nice guy. He also happens to be black. We were talking about how crimes happen and what we need to do, as instructors, to teach practical real world defenses.


The Michael Brown shooting came up and I was disheartened when my friend, a real gentle giant, was not willing to listen to the evidence, as far as he's concerned, the grand jury investigation is only a way to have a secret meeting in order to find a way to dismiss the murder charges of a racist cop.


He himself has been pulled over for no reason and while it didn't amount to anything he was mad. Rightly so, I do understand and empathize with those who have been persecuted or lied about, I am a Jew, this too is, my history.


I can see how black people can have a deep distrust for the law, after the Civil War blacks had laws created and dreamed up just for the color of their skin in order to persecute them. I see how the seeds of distrust have developed with police who used their authority to lie, hurt, imprison, and murder black people for a long time.


Democrats, the culprits of this police corruption in the south, felt a deep remorse and guilt for their maltreatment of black people and probably wanted to find a way to help fix their mistakes and pay restitution. So they created new laws, the fair housing act, welfare, & food stamps. The problem was it ended up tearing apart the black family and removing the men from the home in order to get any state assistance. The black people did it in order to gain security for themselves and their family. However, the end result has been devastating to their communities and now the problems both culturally and morally are so deep rectification will take decades if its possible.


When I spoke with my friend about current matters within their own communities and asked him where his responsibility to the elderly, children, and women were? What I got was totally unexpected: If women want to act like dudes and get in my face like a dude then they shouldn't be surprised when they are treated like a dude. In a nut shell, the women now get in a black man's face and scream and yell, spit, strike, and push the men around like garbage and they are not going to take it anymore.


Are we getting a picture here? We drove the men from the home and women had to raise the family. This had to cause some resentment and now, fast forward to present day. The anger of the black man who feels society persecutes them for their skin color, women tell them to get lost that they are not needed or wanted for decades. The home structure for education and morals are few and far between, what did we expect was going to happen?


The black man is tired and angry at society and this is what we are seeing? They don't want our help (white people) we've done enough damage and though I can't see this helping the situation their ears are turned off to my words and part of me can't blame them.


What happens now? The anger is too deep for even them to see and anyone who wants to help is not welcome. Those who escape the situation with money and success want nothing to do with the troubled cities they escaped. Where do we go from here?


Some have called for their own land to get away from white society. Are we supposed to leave them to themselves? Should we say fine, build your own society, police yourselves, educate yourselves? This too is a recipe for disaster and the results will be harmful to all of society in greater proportion than it is today?


The truth is, as I see it, until black men stop being angry and start building rather tearing down I don't see progress possible.


Taking a pound of flesh from a police officer who was defending himself and trying to keep law and order in a town which sorely lacks it won't fix anything.


This is what is so upsetting to me as a Conservative I never looked at the color of peoples skin, I looked at their actions. I don't know how to speak to the "black people," I only know how to speak to people. If only we could find a way to make them understand their real friend is Conservatism. We are not interested in your skin pigmentation we are interested in how you act.


The Conservative is easily understood if you just look at our coins. We believe people should be free (Liberty) to pursue a livelihood (their monetary dream:coinage) without exception (within the law: E Pluribus Unum) and help your neigbor by believeing in something larger than yourself (in G-d we trust) then we can build a better world together. 


A persons skin color means nothing to Conservatism and the people who are hung up on dividing us into  black people, Asian people, Hispanic people, White people, etc. are the ones who are tearing this country apart. Only when this is understood will we get rid of the ghetto and ills which feed it.

October 21, 2014

October 20, 2014

Recently I had a conversation with a man I thought was reasonably intelligent, but as so many today they have fallen prey to the inconsistencies within Leftist thought. The conversation revolved around the 2nd amendment. His point was the same the Left continues to try and make, the original intent of the framers was not for the individual but of a militia to keep and bear arms.


First, may I point out these are the very same people who continue to tell us, day in and day out, the Constitution is a living breathing document and the framers could not have conceived of the world today. May I say with a full throat, POPPYCOCK!


You can't have it both ways and this ridiculous argument which works well sitting around your dinner table with people who pretend to be experts about what is best for society and how much they care. I was really curious how the courts came to the decision so I turned to the courts to find out how they arrived at their decision. The case, McDonald vs. Chicago (2010), found the Bill of Rights 2nd amendment did apply to the individual in a state to keep and bear arms.


It was Fascinating!


In the reading of the decision you get history, case law to refer to, and how the process of the court was arrived at. Seven pages as opposed to Obamacare's  50+ pages to come to its agonizing decision. It is astounding that when a decision is reasonable and sound it does not require as much, shall we say, tortured logic and lengthy explanations.


The court's decision upheld the tradition which the court has been moving in for a long time that the 14th Amendment which addresses citizenship rights and equal protection of the laws, and was proposed in response to issues related to former slaves following the American Civil War. Primarily because Democrats were taking away black peoples weapons the army allowed them to keep after serving in the civil war. Democrats would confiscate the weapons and then find an infraction to later murder black people.


Also these very same people who claim there is no right for an individual to keep and bear arms are the very same people who use the Fourteenth Amendment, particularly its first section, to form the basis for landmark decisions such as Roe v. Wade (1973). In this case an individual, under tortured logic for sure, did find the "right of the individual" to have due process and equal protection to abort their fetus.


It is far easier to arrive at the decision to extend the Federal Bill of Rights to the individual in the state to keep and bear arms, as outlined in the 2nd Amendment, than it is to find the right to abort a fetus. However, how many individuals look into Supreme Court decisions to try and understand how we got to where we are?


The Left pretends to be the soul keeper of blacks, just like pre-Civil war era Democrats did, only Republicans wouldn't let them and so we find the reason the courts found a fundamental right of the individual to keep and bear arms was to prevent Democrats from further killing blacks post Civil War. Now these very same people want to reach all the way back to pre-Civil War and claim original intent, to prevent (largely black neighborhoods) from having an individual right to keep and bear arms. The more things change the more they stay the same.


I won't even pretend to be an expert but you don't have to be to read or listen to the Supreme Court case. It's a great read and the oral arguments and decisions can be found here in both audio and PDF's. It does help to beef up on the Slaughter House Rulings of 1800's (here) as well as the 14th amendment, while not necessary it makes the oral arguments easier to follow. The ruling can be found here and again is worth the time to easily understand how the court arrived at its decision. Bonus, Clarence Thomas rights a compelling separate decision for the individual's right to keep and bear arms from a black man's perspective.


Finally, Justice Alito pointed out in the court's ruling the 2nd Amendment is the only amendment within the bill of rights which the other side claims does not fall under 14th amendment "incorporation" rulings and would suggest undoing 100 years of decisions made under the same criteria they have sided with previously. How convenient. 

October 19, 2014

This is a small demonstration of America's TWICE elected President. The lies role off his tongue like water and sound sweet as honey.


We all know people who lie about everything but they don't have the power to control our lives.


The media can easily, and does when it's a Republican, prove this guy lies from moment his lips start moving but refuse to tell us. They are being held accountable because people no longer listen or read the garbage they peddle. Unfortunately, it is not happening fast enough and in large enough numbers. 


Wake your friends up because we are leaving our child a world less free and more dangerous, especially if they are Jewish.

October 17, 2014

I wish I was able to post the video directly however just click the link below to see David Horowitz Book TV presentation of, "Take No Prisoners: The battle plan for defeating the Left


I read the book and can't recommend it enough

October 15, 2014

What is so pernicious about this "new" video in the New York Times today under the "International" section is the continual lie manifest in it.


The lie by the Left that "Bush lied people died" was designed to tell you there were no chemical weapons. Now the NY Times is lying to us in the way they tell us there were chemical weapons and that the Bush administration covered it up.


The Times wants you to believe it was another type of cover-up one so deep and dark they can't even think of a reason other than "politics." Let me understand this, there were chemical weapons and Bush lied about that for, "politics?" The NY Times is trying to tell us that because these weapons were now found on "war heads" Bush still lied. Additionally, the fact these weapons were found buried in the ground, as I remember Col. Powell meticulously laying out  before the UN General Assembly in the build up to the Iraq War was now being hidden for some unknown political buggy man which the NY Times calls, "politics."


Forgive me however I remember the Conservatives on talk radio reporting about these chemical weapons dumps being found and they were complaining, vociferously, about the "main stream media" not reporting these finds. Republican Congressman on Intelligence Committee's and other committee's reading from the pages of The Duelfer Report which was the conclusions of the Iraq Study Group put together by the American, British, and Australian coalition governments to find out what happened to the Nuclear and Chemical Weapons programs the WORLD intelligence community believed existed. Conclusions:

·         Saddam ended his nuclear program in 1991. ISG found no evidence of concerted efforts to restart the program, and Iraq’s ability to reconstitute a nuclear weapons program progressively decayed after 1991.

·         Iraq destroyed its chemical weapons stockpile in 1991, and only a small number of old, abandoned chemical munitions were discovered by the ISG.

·         Saddam's regime abandoned its biological weapons program and its ambition to obtain advanced biological weapons in 1995. While it could have re-established an elementary BW program within weeks, ISG discovered no indications it was pursuing such a course.

·         Saddam wanted to recreate Iraq’s WMD capability, which was essentially destroyed in 1991, after sanctions were removed and Iraq’s economy stabilized. Saddam aspired to develop a nuclear capability—in an incremental fashion, irrespective of international pressure and the resulting economic risks—but he intended to focus on ballistic missile and tactical chemical warfare (CW) capabilities.

The New York Times is up to its old tricks to undermine the public about Republicans and maintain the Left's long game: Republican evil, Democrat good. We see this play out in movies and TV sitcoms daily and the media plays its roll too. There is nothing new about what the NY Times is reporting accept the angle they want to play.

The Left wants the ill informed to believe:

Republicans want dirty water, dirty air, to starve our children, oppress women,  and kill seniors. The fact these things never happen when Republicans are in control is never discussed. Rush made a great point on his radio show Monday, the only people starving children is Moochelle Obama.

I will add this to the fact, the worst cities in America are run by Democrats and have been for decades. Under Obama's reign minorities, particularly blacks, have suffered more than any other in America , but we are to believe it's Republicans who are the racists. It should be a punch line at the end of a joke, but the ill informed among us, far too many, are taught this and now believe it. The NY Times is the mouthpeice for the Left and all media take it's talking points from the pages of the newspaper which makes the claim, "all the news that's fit for print." Yes, and the NY Times decides which news and when.

October 13, 2014

The Future is here and we are the Borg


Nebraska school districts 12 easy steps for "gender inclusiveness" isn't beyond anything we've seen before we have become the Borg.

Nebraska school district will no longer refer to the children as "boys and girls," we are to use "more generic expressions such as campers, readers, athletes or even purple penguins to be more gender inclusive.”


20 years ago I took a course in college called, Sexism and Humanities in which the professor told us men and women are the same. The nature vs. nurture argument was settled, nature is a myth perpetuated by Bible toting Neanderthals stuck in the 1950's. The notion of male and female is only a product of nurture and there are no natural differences. Unless of course your naked, which really does bring home new meaning to the phrase, the emperor has no clothing.


This stuff isn't new discovered through science. The Left has been trying to find a way to peddle this fatuous rubbish for a century. It used to be contained to University but now they are peddling this drivel in primary school and the result is going to look like the Star Trek Voyager's enemy, the Borg where there are no individuals there is only the collective.


The Left has succeeded in an education system in which Allan Bloom described best, "there is no real education that does not respond to the felt need." There is a reason why the Left goes to the colleges across America to push their agenda and it's not due to the open mindedness. There used to be a time when it was obvious to explain the perversity of an adult who preferred to speak with youths as opposed to grownups. Today the college youth is presented to us as the open minded intellectual among us, evidence of how perverse we have become.


Prior to TV and the Internet if a person wanted to learn or self educate they read the Bible, Shakespeare or Euclid where they learned about greatness, heroes, and legends. The dealt with mans impulses and tried to tame it through virtue. Now there is only contempt for the heroic. The Left today denies greatness and wants everyone to feel comfortable in his/her own skin without having to suffer any unpleasantness. It is what is done for small children, not adults.


Barak Obama is the end product of a simple minded education which "protected" him from such unpleasant thoughts like Tolstoy's War and Peace or Socrates Achilles and therefore when faced with tough nasty and disagreeable decisions he merely shuts down and plays golf because his mind has never been trained to think and deal with truly disagreeable people and ideas like Putin and Islamic terror.


Obama was raised in an education system which peddled nonsense... America the evil who grew mighty through murder, steeling the land from the "indigenous peoples" and "enslaving" the black man. Never mind how the "indigenous peoples" came into ownership of the land before us, or that America fought and ended slavery these ideas did not compute for the new way of thinking.


Obama's inspiration is an idea of "progress" born from Marx, a failed science which never was, but still lives and grows in the imagination of the Progressive . When Obama is confronted with reality he blames and deflects because his brain was never taught to handle life, only fiction fed to him by Marxists and culminated into the likes of Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers.


Education has devolved into a commixture of moral relativity and political correctness which has no bearing on truth or reality leaving the individual incapable of confronting  Islamic terror or Russia's Putin. Men like this who are regularly presented to the Bible thumping reader who "cling to their G-d and guns" because human failure and frailty are presented to the reader on each and every page thereby permitting the development of a higher and more independent thought. It prepares the individual for a democratic society and all its unpleasantness.


Barak Obama is the end product of an education system which inhibited the thought of taming mans desires with virtue... rather they adopted mans desires as virtuous and now consult it like an oracle.  Obama's "coolness" is merely a veneer which the media pretends is greatness, but it is the testament of failed set of ideas which the Left has now codified from Kindergarten to adulthood and those who fail to conform will be treated as a pariah to be destroyed. The culmination of this infantile theology will be Iran's Mullah's obtaining a weapon so unpleasant that only the Bible totter imagined it on the warning pages of the prophets.

October 12, 2014

October 9, 2014

Who's the Jackass's now


John Podhoretz is beginning to doubt Republicans will win the 6 seats necessary to take the Senate. Remember folks we were told the Tea Party blew the 2010 election in the Senate by supporting inept candidates. We were told we ruined the 2012 Presidential election because "Conservatives" stayed home.


We were assured this election cycle we would win because "mainstream" Republican candidates won their primaries. Friday Charles Krauthammer assured us that Republicans' didn't need to say anything to win because Obama and his policies are so unpopular and the Republican candidates were so strong.


They were wrong and this time it will be checkmate Republican party.


When Republicans fall short of the six seats needed to take the Senate it will be all Obama needs  to mandate 11 million undocumented Democrats legal. This will be the end of the Conservative movement in America and Republican strategists like Karl Rove et. al., will go down the street to the local D.C. steakhouse, collect their checks and move on to the next election. Playing it safe is one thing, however giving the electorate crickets on the other side of the argument tells the American people that things are bad, but not due to policy decisions because they don't hear anything better from the other side. So the American people will play it safe and  stay with the with the devil they know. This time however the country will go the way of Europe and the Republican party will not see electoral victory again for a decade or more. 

October 8, 2014

I have been watching Megyn Kelly from her first night and try not to miss a night. She is fearless and at the same time disarming. It translates into must see TV because it doesn't matter who she has in front of her, a Democrat, Republican, man, or woman she's smart and pursues the truth with vigor and a smile. If you haven't watched her show on FoxNews weeknights at 9pm you haven't watched the news.

Start the video at the 12:25 mark.

These clips below are a small reason why she's must watch TV

October 7, 2014

The Disillusionment


This is how it happens I have a list of things I need to get done and then BAM! I read, see, or hear something that becomes "today's teachable moment," and the entire list gets turned upside down and I have to write, or at least my attempt at writing.


I am a big fan of Heather MacDonald's so when I saw a video of her on City-Journal I had to check it out. I didn't know about her extensive resume' or her mugging. The first video is about her return to Yale in her later years and the disappointment she experienced with her memories, the "disillusion" she felt when she realized her professor's she worshiped were frauds and what they were teaching was crap.


What Heather discovered and didn't name was Postmodernism. Postmodernism says language is subjective and therefore words mean only what you want them to mean in the moment and that moment only. Tomorrow the word could mean something entirely different. While Heather still believes the Constitution does not have one interpretation she still felt there needed to be a rational basis for an interpretation, something a Postmodernist feels no compunction to do.


Language is very powerful and the Left has used this language to change the meanings of things and control the discourse. The more dangerous part of Postmodernism is the part which says "everything is political" and therefore when they change the meaning of words it has a powerful subliminal  objective and real world meaning.


For example when the Left said Bush was Hitler the subliminal suggestion was if Bush was Hitler than what Hitler did was not all that bad. It diminishes the Holocaust and carnage it brought and it erases the real issues which brought the rise of Hitler. Anti-Semitism is the lifeblood in the Middle East and is a major contributor of today's terrorist rise. However, the Left and Libertarian's to a lesser degree, use their subjective assessments and draw their own conclusions. The Left who bows deeply to their Marxist underpinnings says poverty is the cause for all the worlds ills and therefore whatever happens is our fault. Osama Bin Laden and all his minions are Western college educated and come from wealthy and middle class homes but reside in impoverished nations therefore poverty is the reason for their hatred and justifies their killings.


The Libertarian comes at from the angle of intrusion, claiming we butt our noses into their business, prop up their dictator and therefore we are responsible for the anger pointed in our direction. If only we would leave them alone we would not be a target.

The problem with both of these ideas is history and the fact that man has fought over and for land since the beginning of time. Power and wealth are the real aim for both the Left, the Libertarian, and the terrorist. Power is the real goal and the way you achieve power is through the accumulation of material goods. Material through land in order to control the people and the accumulation of wealth which comes with the accumulation of power or vice versa.


This is the real disillusionment discovered by so many who were swayed by Marxism, Communism, Nazism, and Progressivism the idea of sharing with your fellowman and real equality. The problem with the idealist was in the discovery that in the end none of these ideas were possible and the movements  leaders were not the idealist like themselves. This ideological "mugging" made them take a closer look at who and what they surrounded themselves with and reality began to take hold.


David Horowitz is the most prominent man who was a devoted Communist and when his friend was murdered by the Black Panthers and then ignored by his fellow Marxists he began to question what he was doing and how he got there.


Heather MacDonald was also mugged, she was a devoted Progressive who even clerked in Judge Reinhart of the 9th Circuit Supreme Court in California. Fresh from her stint at Cambridge she was clerking for the Judge and her 10 speed bike was stolen by a black youth and the judge said she disserved it because we oppress the black.


The (post)modern education system propaganda system is steeped in the language of lies. Lies which say there is no such thing as truth, all matter (material) is subjective and therefore an individual is not responsible for his/her own behavior and whatever this person does is not their own fault it is societies which bear the blame and the truth becomes whatever they say it is for the moment.


Christians in the Middle East don't turn to terrorism and they live under the same impoverished circumstances of the Muslim why don't they blow themselves up?  


Ebola is predominant in Africa and because we had slaves 150+ years ago we are responsible for the current outbreak of  Ebola. They claim the West impoverishes these nations by robbing it of its resources and therefore anything lacking in the medical system is not the fault of behavior it will always come back to the West. The guilt the Left feels with accomplishment through work and personal behavior is discarded and their mercy is turned on its head and redirected at the irrational.


One of the biggest lies Global Warming, Climate Change, Climate Disruption which has nothing to do with world temperatures and everything to do with material wealth is the greatest scam of the 21st century. Let's not forget the roots of this science scam. Karl Marx's theory of material was science too. Never before had science been based on subjective theory, but because they were able to get control of the language we find ourselves not trying to disprove scientific theory anymore, but of ignoring and discarding facts which don't align with  the theory and when that doesn't work then just change the subject, lie, or shut down the debate by shaming your opponent. This is the current format for all things on the Left today. Newsweek and CNBC this past week tried to blame Ebola on global warming. They had no evidence to base this idea on but that's because it's not real science. CNN has an "analyst" claiming America is a racist nation and that's why Ebola is in Africa.  


A man beheads a woman at his job he had been suspended at the day before for proselytizing Islam to coworkers returns the next day and in the process of his beheading is shouting Allahu Akbar and the Left claims its "workplace violence". This is the method of control. Control the language and you control  the message. Control the message and you are in control.


October 6, 2014

The High Holidays continue this week with the beginning of Sukkot on Wednesday evening. The best way to explain this second to last Holiday of the High Holidays is with a pictogram.