January 30, 2015

Wow! It turns out global warming may be real, at least in Arizona


January 29, 2015

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I am tired of the debate over the invitation by Boehner to Netanyahu to speak before a joint session of Congress. Is this about politics? Yes!

Obama finds the position he has taken with Iran intolerable to even his own party, who this past week made it clear they believe the administration is either being taken for a ride by Iran or they are helping Iran stall in order to "just get a deal."  Congress believes the end result of this negotiation will be Iran getting the nuke and the world becoming a lot more dangerous. If Iran gets a nuke this will start a nuclear arms race in the most unstable region in the world. A region who is now looking more radical and if nukes get into the hands of one of these radicals the chance of a nuke being set off in Israel, America, or Europe is not if, but when.

Obama doesn't want Congress to put a sanctions bill on the table fearing Iran will walk away from the deal if they think they're hand is being pushed. To this I say, tuff.

Obama never explains himself and with his abysmal record thus far in foreign policy debacles his daily lying to Americans is it any wonder Congress, who has the same intelligence the President has, is concerned over the President's dangerous position?

The New York Times said this today:

The Obama administration, after days of mounting tension, signaled on Wednesday how angry it is with Israel that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accepted Republican leaders’ invitation to address Congress on Iran without consulting the White House.

The outrage the episode has incited within President Obama’s inner circle became clear in unusually sharp criticism by a senior administration official who said that the Israeli ambassador, Ron Dermer, who helped orchestrate the invitation, had repeatedly placed Mr. Netanyahu’s political fortunes above the relationship between Israel and the United States.

Of course they are angry with Bibi because they know there is a strong case to be made against the administration and Netanyahu is the perfect guy to make the case. Israel has first hand knowledge of Iran's cheating and lies about their nuclear ambitions. The IAEA has caught Iran lying and cheating over centrifuges, missiles, and nuclear plants. A country who chants "death to America, death to Israel" on a regular basis is one whose leash should be really short. A country who is responsible for the death of 100's if not 1,000's of American lives, as well as throughout the world. A country whose leadership may have been involved in the death of an Argentinean Prosecutor, "who had accused President Cristina Fernandez of shielding Iranian suspects in the nation's deadliest terror attack."

How about the fact Obama hid from Congress and allies the "secret negotiations" it was having with Iran creating distrust with congress and Israel. Israel, a country whom Obama has made no secret about despising from day one of his administration. The Left doesn't fight evil and if you don't fight evil you will hate those who do, hence his hatred of Netanyahu.

I can spend a great deal of time listing the litany of charges against Iran and the crazy Mullahs over the past 40+ years and the main reasons Congress & Israel don't trust the Mullahs or Obama to do the right thing.

For the Left there is never a good reason for opposition to them it is always treated as either "political" or "nefarious" there is NEVER a legitimate opposing point of view.

Obama and his allies don't bother to defend their position to anyone they just accuse everyone else of wrong and are done with it. I don't blame them they've gotten away with it for 6 years why change what's worked?

Netanyahu is also in it for the politics as well as Boehner to counter the President's position with respect to his foreign policy thinking. Boehner knows Netanyahu speaks eloquently and persuasively about the Middle East and this is the real concern for Obama and his adolescent temper tantrum. If Obama et al had a defensible side they wouldn't be bothering to make such a stink over a "breech in protocol."

Let's not forget the "breeches" Obama makes, like this past week, when Obama takes gum out of his mouth while visiting the leadership in India and then puts it back in his mouth for the world to see. (How utterly childish and disrespectful.) Or when Obama returned the gift bust of Churchill to England.  Or when he gave the Queen of England an ipod of his speeches. He gifted England a video set on the wrong format. When the administration blew off the Paris march with 40 other world leaders and to fix it sent over John Kerry with James Taylor to sing, "You've got a friend." When they saw this was a flop they sent out Valarie Jarrett to call the march a "parade" three times in order to show the lack of respect for our friends. This is not what grownups do this is childish and my 8 year olds engage in better behavior.

This administration has long gotten away with strawman arguments. They have gotten away with lying to the American people on so many issues I haven't the time to list them all. We can also thank the media who was so eager to vote their guilty white conscience and get a "black man" elected they didn't care he was an America hating Marxist. The media has spent 6 years pretending to be deaf, dumb, & blind over all the damage this man has done to this country and the American people are equally stupid about this. The information is out their they have to want to know what's going on instead they are sheep. The American people are so self absorbed they haven't the inclination to question anything.

In the end all parties are playing politics, but if each side is allowed to present their case Americans will be able to make an informed decision and therein lies the truth, Obama can't have the opposition side heard, for the Left knows when the facts are on the table their ideas and their policies are rejected and this is the real reason they want Netanyahu to just shut up and go away.

January 27, 2015

The Door Man

While teaching my kids class today something interesting and pleasant happened during the mat chat. A mat chat is a conversation I have with the kids at the end of class to talk about developing skills for life such as leadership, moral issues, ethical matters , and general good behavior. Today's talk was about the video below. A young man whose father died and he was made fun of and treated as an odd ball for having a montage' of pictures of his father hanging in his school locker. His name is Josh and he has a pronounced lisp which is probably another thing the kids felt they could exploit and poke at him over.

He and his Mom moved to a large city where Josh felt more lost and on the outside. Josh only wanted to be "normal," like the rest of the kids and decided to do something about it. He chose to be the door man for the kids in the school.

Every day, he opened the door, smiled, and greeted his fellow school mates. At first the kids thought he was weird and was a little put off, further alienating Josh from his peers. However, Josh stuck with it and something began to happen, the kids began to want to see him every day and started greeting him with a smile and conversation. This then spurred other kids to do positive things for their school mates. Teachers and students talked about the door man and how it made them feel and how, although it was looked at in the beginning as hoaky, was now cool. By the end of the school year Josh was awarded Prom King and the students bought a door and they all signed it and gave it to Josh as sign of appreciation.

My kids, ages 8-12, didn't really understand the video at first and thought it was boring. Then I asked them a simple question, how easy would it have been for Josh to get angry and start saying mean things back to the kids? We all do it, I said to them, but Josh turned this into an occasion to do something positive and showed his class mates first, he a nice guy and second he made them feel good and they in turn liked the way Josh made them feel and it started a ripple of good deeds for one another. In the end, Josh felt better about himself for making others feel good.

My kids loved it and began asking me what they could do? We talked about it and the kids decided they would hold doors for people, compliment them, make a joke just to make someone smile. I told them I wanted them to start off making one person feel good a day and see if this makes you feel good too and each day I wanted them to report back to the class and tell us what they did and how it made the other person happy and then if that made them feel good too. They were, in a word, stoked. I'll let you know how it turns out.

January 25, 2015

Time Warner and Comcast refuse to run this ad. Eric Holder's justice department is now contemplating allowing these two companies to merge giving them a combined ownership of 80% of the advertising industry. If you think Conservatives have trouble getting the truth out now imagine this merger going through.


January 23, 2015

Sarah Palin has more balls and better aim than the GOP

“That GOP leadership, that establishment, they’ve got to get their stuff together," she added. "I love what they believe in, I believe in it too. But they’ve got to get tough, man. You know what? It’s not just the New England Patriots who are dealing with deflated balls right now."

The GOP & the Left hate this woman.

January 22, 2015

I had a conversation with a "Liberal" who accused me of watching too much Fox News (not the first time) and this, they claimed, was the reason I had such "extreme" & "backward" views of what is going on in the world.

To which I asked them what they watched and read? First there was a pause, then I got the standard "nightly news" -they didn't pay attention to the channel, obviously not true since they KNEW it wasn't Fox News and, they admitted, they don't read the papers, they don't have the time. Even more interesting since it may also be a tacit indication that all news is the same but Fox News. I never think to say these things at the time though, it's later when the person is no longer there.

I think much of the world is like this person today, the News is supposed to sum up the world for them in 30 minutes. It's supposed to tell them in an unambiguous, unbiased way what we need to know about the events happening in the world which effect us. The media are supposed to be a sought of watchdog for the folks.  It is what the media is supposed to be doing, knowing full well they aren't and the news is selected to keep with a narrative.

The narrative is Obama and magical thinking good, Republicans tolerated, Tea Party evil. People know the media taints the news they just don't want to think about individual stories this could be unpopular at the water cooler and who needs that.

I then asked what is wrong with getting my news from Fox News?

"They're liars", he shot back yet couldn't give one example.

Alright, I said, could it be the way they relay the information to you sounds like it is tilted?

YES! that too he said.

Okay, I said I can say the same for the rest of the media outlets, like you can hear a rightwing tilt in the words and delivery, I can hear the same bias and tilt when listening to ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and the rest of the alphabet media, as well as the writings throughout the establishment. It's the way they speak about Conservatives and Republicans. The way Republican ideas are treated as if they are evil and Democrats and their ideas are not only parroted but are not scrutinized. Even when they speak of opposition to Democrat ideas the people questioning the wisdom and efficacy of the ideas are not genuine but political in nature only. How is it you, I asked, can hear the bias of the right but not the bias of the Left? Maybe, I offered, this is the norm for 97% of the media.

I've been down this road before but mentioning events to people who are either ill informed or haven't heard the other side of the argument on events like, Fast Furious, Benghazi, IRS going after Tea Party organizations, etc. are futile.

Most have never heard of Journalist, the Left wing media only messaging cabal created in order to cover for Obama and other Left wing ideas which blundered. The list and emails were exposed but the alphabet network didn't feel it necessary to alert their listeners and readers. No one knows who Jonathan Gruber is unless you watch Fox News, read "right wing" blogs, and listen to talk radio. Instead of people being curious about why they don't get this information I'm treated as a conspiracy nut and therein lies the brilliance of the left wing media and why Obama's approval is above 5% where it belongs.


Warner Todd Hudson of Western Journalism has devised a list of 50 most egregious lies the media has perpetrated but it was written in 2011 and Obama creates a list of 50 lies a week to which he dares anyone to point out and prove wrong. He's gotten away with it for so long and it's so effective why would he stop.

Obama doesn't even bother to hide his disdain for you, me, and the media. He's so brazen he'll lie to your face, then deny he said it. It reminds me of a kid I grew up with, now in jail for attempted murder. He would stand in the road and hurl an egg at the windshield of an oncoming car when the driver got out to confront him he'd deny he threw the egg, that's Obama.

Very few in the media have gotten so disgusted they quit, like Sharyl Attkisson of CBS. Until the "journalists" decide truth matters things will only get worse when the truth finally emerges. Until then the media elites who enjoy their $200 steak dinners as much as John Boehner does they will continue down the road that seeks no truth.

Who knows maybe Richard Engel may be next, listen to this "journalist" who lambasted Obama's State of the Union speech on foreign policy.

January 20, 2015

If you make any money, the government shoves you in the creek once a year with it in your pockets, and all that don't get wet you can keep. ~Will Rogers

When you listen to Bill Whittles new video you might feel the need to dismiss it because really, if Barak Obama was a socialist wouldn't someone other than the "far right" have noticed? To this I pose a simple question? What is the definition of a religious zealot? A person who believes in one more religious law than you. Maybe it only works if your Jewish.


The point I am trying to relay, or rather ask is what if the media believes the same as Obama? They know the American people reject socialism and many of our illustrious media have no idea of themselves. Truly the Left is a group totally unaware of themselves, a feature of Leftism and radicalism.


The Left and Obama don't get up every day and think they are doing harm, just like every other radical throughout history. Do you think Stalin, Mussolini, Che' Guevara, Fidel Castro, Mao,  Muslim jihadi's, etc. believed they were/are crazy?


April 17, 2008 this article was printed recapping the Democrat debate. Obama didn't care if tax cuts were benficial to the economy he only cared about fairness, not economic growth.


In last night's Democratic presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, moderator Charlie Gibson and Obama had the following exchange (courtesy of ABC News). Video is available here courtesy of the Say Anything blog.

GIBSON: All right. You have, however, said you would favor an increase in the capital gains tax. As a matter of fact, you said on CNBC, and I quote, "I certainly would not go above what existed under Bill Clinton," which was 28 percent. It's now 15 percent. That's almost a doubling, if you went to 28 percent.

But actually, Bill Clinton, in 1997, signed legislation that dropped the capital gains tax to 20 percent.

OBAMA: Right.

GIBSON: And George Bush has taken it down to 15 percent.

OBAMA: Right.

GIBSON: And in each instance, when the rate dropped, revenues from the tax increased; the government took in more money. And in the 1980s, when the tax was increased to 28 percent, the revenues went down.

So why raise it at all, especially given the fact that 100 million people in this country own stock and would be affected?

OBAMA: Well, Charlie, what I've said is that I would look at raising the capital gains tax for purposes of fairness.


The Left never mention economic growth, they don't believe in it. They believe there is a pie and it never gets bigger. This pie, they believe is held by the rich and the rich have an unequal share of the pie. The rich either stole it or prevented someone from getting their fair share of the pie and they seem themselves as redeemers.

If the Left really believed in fairness and equality we would have a flat tax. A flat tax means that everyone pays the same % of their income to the Feds., no matter what their economic situation was, that is fair. An example would be, if everyone paid 17% of their income to the government then the rich, of course, would pay a higher amount, yet equal to everyone else. However, let's not forget, the tax code has nothing to do with equality or fairness. It has to do with politicians, parties, and the justice department's ability to punish those they don't agree with and THAT is why the system is corrupt and why Obama's latest proposals seek to complicate an already insanely complicated system.

January 19, 2015

My Neice at Madam Tossauds in NYC embracing the Green monster

2014 Breaks Heat Record, Challenging Global Warming Skeptics

"Last year was the hottest on earth since record-keeping began in 1880, scientists reported on Friday, underscoring warnings about the risks of runaway greenhouse gas emissions and undermining claims by climate change contrarians that global warming had somehow stopped."


Here we go again. This latest report ran in the New York Times January 16, 2015.

First, let's note the misleading headline making it seem like 2014 was the hottest year and even when we have to read the article they make global warming climate change skeptics nothing short of nuts. Note they are still harping on the heat and let's not forget this year alone has set freezing records too.

Second, note record-keeping only began in 1880, right after the mini ice age, which should set off alarm bells with people, how can they claim to know the world is heating up when the records are 130 years old. The earth is 15 billion years old and made it when we were arguably burning more carbon then today.

Dennis Prager points out if the Left is right about "climate change" as alleged by "computer models suggest, the increased carbon dioxide in the earth's atmosphere will raise the earth's temperature so precipitously as to endanger much of civilization as we know it."

If this is the case one must believe the following or the entire global warming edifice crumbles:

1. The earth is heating up at a dangerous rate.

2. The cause of that heating is mankind's burning of fossil fuels, releasing so much carbon        dioxide into the atmosphere that it is the reason for the increase in the earth's temperature.

3. The final result of this heating of the earth's temperature will be catastrophe for mankind and the biosphere. For example, polar ice caps will melt, resulting in rising oceans that will drown coastal cities throughout the world and severe droughts will render drinking water so scarce, entire regions of the world will go to war over water.

4. Therefore, in order to avoid imminent worldwide disaster on an unprecedented scale, the industrialized world must significantly scale back its use of fossil fuels and transfer trillions of dollars to poorer countries adversely affected by the affluent countries' warming of the globe. Still The Best Hope p. 156-7


If only one of these propositions is incorrect then the entire edifice comes down.

Let's first understand it is NASA, the new government Muslim outreach program that is in charge of the records. We know the people in charge at NASA changed the historical record of surface temperatures in the 1930's to appear cooler and they won't share  how and why the adjustment was made. This alone is highly suspect and is un-scientific. It is a scandal but today the media seems uninterested in seeking truth when it comes to hysteria created by the Left.


Putting this little blip of insignificance aside we now find out, of course, not in the headlines as HOTTEST YEAR ON RECORD was announced, the NASA people are 38% sure they are correct about 2014 being the hottest year on record.

"We said 2014 was the warmest year on record... but we're only 38% sure we were right."


Incredible and where do we find this information? The UK Daily Mail is the source and once again the paper of record and the Washington alarmists seem uninterested in this tiny addendum. If this doesn't make you a climate change "contrarian" as the Times called us, then there is no hope for you.

Folks there is a pattern in the "scientific community," rather I should say a deficit of truth in the climate scientists view of facts and evidence that seems to deviate from any other science on planet earth.

When scientists discover evidence or phenomenon they release the study and all details in order to be subject to scrutiny and yet time and time again we discover the global warming alarmist won't debate, won't release data, and have been found altering data facts which only go in one direction. The Left has adopted as a matter of principal and policy Adolf Hitler's lie theorem. Tell a big lie often enough and eventually people will believe it.

Also of note, this too is a pattern in the global warming alarmist playbook, each time data does not match the alarmists claim within days we get more alarmist claims. January 8, 2015 we found out, through alarmists emails,“The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t.” This little note by leading global warmest Kevin Trenberth was referencing the fact that there hasn't been any global warming for 18 years and 3 months. The computer models never predicted a pause for 5 minutes let alone 18 years and yet we continue the myth.

Additionally, and this will be my final point today on this subject, the "record" high as Bob Tinsdale points out falls within the margin of error of data.

According to GISS, global surface temperature anomalies were an astounding +0.02 deg C higher in 2014 than they were in 2010, making the 2014 results the highest in the history of GISS. … If you’re not familiar with numbers that remarkable, they’re read two one-hundredths of a deg C, which is equal to less than four one-hundredths of a deg F. According to the NCDC, their global surface temperature results were +0.04 deg C higher in 2014 than they were in 2005 and 2010, their two previous best years. The warmest years are within the margin of uncertainty for the data, making it impossible to determine which year was actually warmest.

As I said the evidence of data only goes in one direction for these people. Mistakes are always made, but when the total errors continue to point in a singular direction one with ounce of skepticism becomes skeptical.

January 18, 2015

A few weeks ago I watched America: Imagine a world without her by Dinesh D'Souza. I highly recommend it. It's 2 hours but it flies by.

Over the past week in a half we have been having a debate in America about the people who murdered the French cartoonists and then went a few blocks away and murdered 4 Jews in a Kosher food market. What do these two things have in common? If you said Islamic radicals murdering to create terror, you must be a racist.

If you said they are poor men who don't feel a part of France because of racist policies, you must be a Leftist.

The Left, lead by Barak Hussein Obama has refused to call the threat that faces the world Islamic Radicals. They claim the people murdering while screaming Allahu Akbar are not real Muslims. The motivation for terror is Gitmo and America cannot stay in Iraq & Afghanistan because this too is inciting terror against us. Finally, according to the Left, the real driving force behind all the terror is Israel's unwillingness to stop their "occupation" and "humiliation" of the poor Palestinians.

For both the Left and the Islamic radicals who murder in the name of Islam they will never run out of excuses. The Left will always find sympathy with and reasons we (The West) are the underlying cause for all that is done to us. For the radical Muslims they too will never run out of excuses to stop murdering.

The world voted for the States and borders of the countries of the Middle East. For Israel, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, & Lebanon. If Israel's borders are subject for negotiation than so should every other country the United Nations voted for, but they're not because only one country is illegitimate in the Muslim eyes and this has nothing to do with occupation or humiliation. It has everything to do with the Ummah. If you understand the Ummah you understand it is Nationalism and is best understood if you look at Hitler's goals to create an Arian nation. Unless you are Arian you must not exist or you must submit to the rule of the Ummah. If you understand this than you know there is no scenario the Muslims will ever allow a Jewish Country to exist, NEVER. The only solution the Muslims seek is genocide. Yes, I said genocide.

Isn't this what is really going on around the world, a people (muslims) seek to make the world convert to Islam or die. This is why President al-Sisi of Egypt spoke at the Cairo University to the Imams to try and get them to change this nationalist pursuit. He specifically scolded them, "Is it possible that 1.6 billion people [Muslims] should want to kill the rest of the world’s inhabitants—that is 7 billion—so that they themselves may live? Impossible!

This is the goal, convert by the sword or die by it, this has been the way since the beginning of Islam. I am sorry to say this, but this is the facts. Maybe not for all Muslims but many. Maybe most wouldn't engage in murder, however it is the religious history for the Muslim.

These are the problems that beset the world and the end of times if we go by biblical sources. Jewish biblical prophecy says the war of Gog and MaGog will be a showdown of  the West and Islam against the Moshiach and G-d (the State Israel), but that is only if man does not address the problem and if history is any indicator this does not bode well. A nuclear arsenal in the hands of the wrong people can easily wipe out 1/3 of the world in 12 minutes. A prophetic statement made by the Vilna Gaon in the 1780's. Surely, people must have thought him mad at the time. I feel crazy even thinking it, but you can see how the stars are aligning.

We have a President and a party who actually believes we should not stop Iran from getting a nuke. We have a man and party who does not believe Muslim's are the source for the terrorism besetting the world today.

So here I pose some questions to the Left:

If the Terrorist's are not Muslims then why do they get prayer rugs and Koran's at Gitmo?

Why are they served only Halal (Islamic) food and get to pray 5 times a day at Gitmo?

If the regime really believed the murdering terrorists were not Muslims why do let them act as Muslims?

Some ask, why is it important to label them "radical Muslims"? The short answer is, because we're not at WAR with any other type of extremists. We're not at war with thugs murdering in Urban neighborhoods, we're not at war with PETA, or the KKK, or with any other peoples or ideas however extreme they may be. We are at war with Muslim radicals and if we don't call them what they are then how can we mount the physical as well as psychological warfare needed to combat these genocidal maniacs?

The Obama administration looks like a bunch of crazy wing nuts trying to float this ridiculous notion that the people murdering innocent civilians throughout the Middle East, Africa, Europe, & America are not Muslims. Maybe the majority of Muslims are indeed peace loving people however let them dispute and debate this matter amongst themselves I have no desire to argue Islamic doctrine,  let the Muslims argue their own doctrine, in the meantime we need to wage an intelligent war which means mind and body.

How important is it that we call it Islamic terrorism? The Tsarnaev Brothers (Boston Bombers) were interviewed by the FBI and because the Obama administration had removed all the necessary questions and tools required in order to properly recognize and identify a potential terrorist threat the FBI let them go even after Russia warned us, several times the threat they posed?

Boko Horom, the Islamic State in Nigeria, mass murdered 2000 people this week while yelling Allahu Akbar, but according to the Obama Administration they're not Muslims.

The Islamic radicals are waging war around the globe and the people we are counting on to keep us safe are not serious people. For the Left,  political correctness trumps our lives.

We have to stop the nonsense there is a large army who wishes to murder the rest of the world if they don't submit to the form of Islam they seek, Muslims included, it is called genocide.

January 15, 2015

The DMV, The ACA, The IRS & You

There were those who said if the government takes over the healthcare system it would run like the department of motor vehicles. Some states have updated the services at the DMV however in many the states DMV is a symbol for all that is wrong when government gets their claws into services people need. It is a perfect example of the contempt elected officials have for the citizens they claim to represent.

In the state of Connecticut a trip to the DMV is a 4 hour ordeal. You wait on a line to get a NUMBER. Then you fill out a voluminous amount of paperwork and wait on line for a clerk to call you to the window. 50% of the time your paperwork is in order and the other, not so much. Let's be positive though, today you hit the 50% when your paperwork is in order. You write your checks and pay the $100 fees for this and that and then, wait on another line to get your picture taken. After your picture is taken you wait, yet again, for the picture to be printed and a clerk feels the desire to reach down pick up the card and call you up to pick it up.

A fifth grader could do a better job designing the DMV, but state bureaucrats are contemptuous people for your time. They could care less and mind you, out of this entire ordeal, I left out the bureaucrat you are dealing with at the DMV, by far the ugliest people on the planet. What's the saying...beauty is skin deep but ugly goes to the bones. Yup, that sums it up nicely.

Today the AP is reporting the IRS is not getting the help the those who have questions or are having trouble filing taxes due to the ACA (Obamacare).

Don't expect any help from the IRS...

"Got a question for the IRS? Good luck reaching someone by phone. The tax agency says only half of the 100 million people expected to call this year will be able to reach a person.

Callers who do get through may have to wait on hold for 30 minutes or more to talk to someone who will answer only the simplest questions.

"Taxpayers who need help are not getting it, and tax compliance is likely to suffer over the longer term if these problems are not quickly and decisively addressed," said a report Wednesday by agency watchdog Nina E. Olson.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen says budget cuts are forcing the agency to reduce taxpayer services and other functions."


Got that folks?!

John Koskinen didn't just have the chutzpah to tell Congress to F#@k off when they wanted Lois Lerner's emails he's telling you to F#@k off too. Why not? They get away with it in Obama's government. The press nor the White House care. Its end not means for these rodents.


The only people who should be surprised and upset about this are the idiots who thought the government running healthcare was a good plan.  I'd like to hit them for being so stupid, but somehow I don't think hitting them will make them any brighter or less naive.  In my wildest fantasies I'd envision the people who thought government would help the healthcare system to look back in their mind and remember who filled their head with the such nonsense and learn, but it's only a fantasy.

January 14, 2015

Of course, the overwhelming majority of Muslims are not terrorists or sympathetic to terrorists. Equating all Muslims with terrorist is stupid and wrong. But acknowledging that there is a link between Islam and terror is appropriate and necessary.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Say it with me, Radical Islam

"I am referring here to the religious clerics. … It's inconceivable that the thinking that we hold most sacred should cause the entire umma (Islamic world) to be a source of anxiety, danger, killing and destruction for the rest of the world. Impossible!

"That thinking — I am not saying 'religion' but 'thinking' — that corpus of texts and ideas that we have sacralized over the centuries, to the point that departing from them has become almost impossible, is antagonizing the entire world. It's antagonizing the entire world! ... All this that I am telling you, you cannot feel it if you remain trapped within this mindset. You need to step outside of yourselves to be able to observe it and reflect on it from a more enlightened perspective.

"I say and repeat again that we are in need of a religious revolution. You, imams, are responsible before Allah. The entire world, I say it again, the entire world is waiting for your next move … because this umma is being torn, it is being destroyed, it is being lost — and it is being lost by our own hands."


These are the words of the Abdel Fattah al-Sisi the President of Egypt delivered New Years Eve in the oldest University in Cairo. A University considered to be the epicenter of Islamic scholar.

So why haven't we heard about his speech? Jonah Goldberg posits, " al-Sisi isn't the kind of authentic Muslim reformer many Westerners wanted."   He continues on, "indeed, he's too Western for some and clearly too autocratic for many (his treatment of the press is outrageous). They wanted the Muslim Brotherhood to succeed in Egypt, not be brought to heel by an Arab Pinochet. Moreover, al-Sisi sees Israel as a de facto ally in their shared battle against Muslim extremism, and that muddies the narrative that Israel is the cause of Middle East extremism, not the victim of it."

Maybe, but FoxNews widely reported it, at least in their evening shows and Special Report had a round table discussion about it, then again Fox News also calls out radical Muslims by name. There is where I think we can find a logical answer, both Obama and the Left don't want to recognize Islam has a problem and if you report what al-Sisi said you must admit Islam has a problem.

The truth is, talk is cheap, just look at the present holder of the White House who has lied throughout his tenure in office. Last night a staunch Democrat admitted to me he had had great hopes for Obama and he has been very disappointed.  But why?!  Obama is doing just what he promised to do, isn't that what you wanted? A deeper thinking person of the Left should wonder why, if Obama is fulfilling his campaign promises, then why are the results so abysmal? Could it be the ideas and solutions the Left has long cheered for are not what they thought they would be?  Facts are facts and when you look too close one must wonder if the ideas their side have long sought and dreamed about does not have such great outcome. Then again, the Left has long confused means and outcomes and this time is no different than last 100 years of their abysmal record.

Finally, there is this, with the exception of the American Revolution there hasn't been another example in history where freedom was the outcome, as Claire Berlinski pointed out, the French Revolution was not we want to duplicate.

January 12, 2015



I have argued for a long time today's Progressives are yesterday's Fascists, and while this may have no meaningful reference to today's under 40  y/o crowd it is significant. The Progressive movement of the early 20th century has been tried in Europe and failed and yet this is the model America's Progressives seek to impose on us today. While Europe struggles for every breath it takes in order to survive- economically, morally, and physically this is the model America's Progressives pursue with vigor. How logical is this?!

Progressives think it's their business to impose their sense of morality on every issue pertaining to our lives - healthcare, education, welfare, property, G-d, and it should all be decided by an almighty state and a faceless bureaucrat because they know what is best for 320,000,000 people.

The only area Progressives don't seek to impose their will  is sex and drugs. This is the one area the most illiberal people on the planet seek to be liberal because those things will enslave a person if not handled with discipline. The very same people who think it is their business to micromanage your life are smart enough to understand a self enslavement which will then allow them to tell the rest of us that we have to pay for the product of their undisciplined behavior, the  children, disease, and rehab needed which brings the money to the state and enslaves a person to a pittance of living. This, we are told, is a good and just society. Fine, but now we can't even stigmatize bad behavior, we are accused of being mean spirited. When you applaud bad behavior it doesn't encourage good behavior it encourages worse behavior.

Progressives seek to keep blacks mentally enslaved to a history which no longer exists and the number of bigots can no longer keep a person from being successful, owning a home, or any other aspect of a free society they desire.  So why does the President (the most powerful man in the world) seek to tell blacks they cannot make it in America? How can anyone with a straight face believe it? Yet they know if they keep up the mantra of bigoted nation and this is the reason you cannot succeed they won't look at their own lives and their own actions which keep them in poverty. They have nurtured and pampered a hatred so much so that people will stand in front of TV camera and tell a journalist killings cops is fair game.

Islam needs a reformation and needs to confront the people who are using their bible and it's words to murder in their name and yet we put no pressure on them to do so. A recent Pew poll of the 5 largest Muslim countries finds large majorities support for killing people who draw images of Mohammed, over 70% support Sharia law. Well over 50% support or have sympathies in support of honor killings, and nearly 30% support jihad. Yet the Progressive leaders of the world seek to white wash and delude the world, why?

What is wrong with the Progressive who fails to understand human nature, or do they? The question can't be dismissed because either they don't understand human behavior or they do, either way they are either evil or idiots take your pick.

And yet the final question I find myself asking myself is about the American people themselves, how can they be so blind to the Left? I find myself, for the first times in my life, asking myself how the American people can be so wrong? My conclusion is not a pleasant answer and it makes me sad.

January 11, 2015

I have noticed a side conversation taking place in the bloggers world this weekend along the lines of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack. It involved the female cartoonist who had the gun pointed at her head and told, by the terrorists, if you don't punch in the security code for the building of Charlie Hebdo they would kill her and her 3 year old child she was holding.  There were people making the argument that she should have sacrificed herself and her child.  I can't go there, if it were her alone I could see a small argument to be made, however there aren't many mothers who would have chosen to sacrifice her child as well.


In reading about this an article by Richard Fernandez (h/t:Neoneocon) about this subject came up and it blew me away. I am re-posting it here because it is one of those articles which starts slow and builds to a strong close and one not to be missed.


Security Code

One of the notable things about the Charlie Hebdo terror attack in Paris was how swiftly it was carried out. “It lasted five minutes,” said one witness [1].  The cops were already there — guarding the newspaper offices.  Two of the cops were killed.

The assailants gained admittance by forcing a cartoonist to enter the door security code [2] at gunpoint.  A large percentage of people — maybe nearly everyone — would have done the same thing, yielded to that threat,  in a moment of fear. A certain smaller percentage, perhaps 2 percent, would for some reason refuse; and refuse unreasonably without quite knowing why. Which of the two groups one belongs to  nobody knows until the day.

A young mother and cartoonist who survived the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris today said she had let the suspected Al Qaeda killers into the magazine office.

Corrine Rey said she had returned from picking up her young daughter from a kindergarten when she was confronted by two heavily armed men wearing balaclavas.

‘I had gone to pick up my daughter at day care, arriving in front of the magazine building, where two masked and armed men brutally threatened us,’ said Ms Rey, who draws under the name ‘Coco’.

They said they wanted to go up to the offices, so I tapped in the code,’ said Ms Rey, referring to the digi-code security system on the inter-phone.

Miss Rey and her daughter hid under a desk, from where they saw two other cartoonists being executed.

Years ago there was a story about an Israeli security guard who grappled a suicide bomber outside a supermarket where they both blew up. It is doubtful the guard did it for his salary; nobody dies for a pittance. It is doubtful that he even knew what he was going to do until he did it. It was just one of those things you find out about yourself in a moment.

“Well, whadda ya know?” Boom. It’s nice to know you’re made of stern stuff. But it’s a helluva way to find out.

It’s the talking heads who have got all the answers. Take Howard Dean [3], who’s assures us the world is up against a nameless cult — a nameless second amendment cult, to be precise.

According to Dean, we should stop attributing the “Muslim” label to them because they fall in line with a cult that is able to overcome France’s strict gun laws to carry out such an attack.

“You know, this is a chronic problem,” Dean said. “I stopped calling these people Muslim terrorists. They’re about as Muslim as I am. I mean, they have no respect for whatever anybody else’s life. That’s not what the Koran says. You know, Europe has an enormous radical problem. I think ISIS is a cult, not an Islamist cult. I think it’s a cult. I think you got to deal with these people.”

“You know, the interesting thing here is we talked about guns the last time regarding the United States, regarding how guns get in the hands of the kind of people that kill the two police officers here two weeks ago — France has tremendous gun control laws, yet, these people are able to get Kalashnikovs,” he continued. “So, this is really complicated stuff. I think you have to treat these people basically as mass murders. But I do not think we should accord them any particular religious respects because I think whatever they are claiming, motivation clearly is a twisted cultage mind.”

But honestly, does Howard Dean think al-Qaeda — whoever — is really scared of the police? ISIS just blew up the police academy [4] in Yemen, killing at least 37 people. They’ve killed more cops in the last 36 hours than cartoonists.  The assailants, whatever Howard Dean wants to call them, don’t care what he thinks.  The Left still thinks terrorism is a function of Western political attitudes: t=f(w).   But the probability is that these terrorists think a certain way because they’ve always thought that way.  What the cult does is independent of any politically correct mind tricks the Left may seek to implement.  They’re marching to a different drummer, to a whole brass band in fact, and none of the musicians take orders from Howard Dean.

In fact, if developments in the West mirror the way things work in the Middle East, not just the media but the police will be the next targets.

Speaking of cults, Dean sounds like a guy trying desperately hard not to lose his religion. Leftist orthodoxy now accepts the innocence of Islamism as an article of faith, on par with say, the enlightenment of the Buddha. It has to be true or else their little world falls apart. The belief in the existence of faceless second amendment cults has now become an existential value for the Left.

They are too completely invested in multiculturalism, social deconstruction and redistribution to doubt the faith now. To misgive their chosen pathway to power, is to fail at the last step. So they’ll grit their teeth and plunge on; they will never give it up on pain of anathema.

And therefore they will cling to their dogma, however improbable it might be, long past the point when any reasonable Leftist would have doubted it. This is the most dangerous aspect of the crisis facing the West. Not only are we in danger of tearing our politics apart, we must. It has now become a case of destroying our civilization in order to save it. We have to stay crazy to avoid the growing suspicion that we’re nuts. The cultural elites of the West are going to hang themselves in the morning according to a schedule that they themselves have devised.

Do you think our elites won’t punch the door buttons to let the killers in to shoot us? They already have. They already have.