April 17, 2015

What the Left Fears


The Democrats are in trouble at this moment, and Hillary knows it. The UK Daily Mail has the story, complete with pictures of Hillary flying COACH from Iowa. I guess even coach is faster than a $75,000 custom van. She's even towing her own luggage through the airport. The photographers of the left wing media obligingly take pictures to help promote the new, new, new, new, new, Hillary make over. In this episode Hillary is a regular kind of gal grandmother coming home from a working trip, she's stopped by a VOX press guy to chat and answer questions. (No way this media chat could have been pre-planned since she's been so accessible to the press since her announcement.)

So here's the problem with this little charade, the only people who buy this crap is the press, who are desperate to find a way to elect a Democrat. Imagine Jeb Bush trying to pull this off what the press would do to him. The other problem with this little story is the entourage waiting for Mrs. Clinton...

 to take her home to one of her houses...

Let's think about this for just a moment because the Left always tells us who they are most afraid of on the other side of the argument. First there is Ted Cruz whose father came over from Cuba, spoke no English and had little money. Cruz works hard, is bright and gets into Harvard Law where professors can remember him and brag about how smart he is. Alan Dershowitz, the famous Democrat Harvard Law Professor had Ted Cruz in his class and sad he was intelligent, not to be under estimated, and a brilliant debater.

Then there is Marco Rubio, a young Tea Party guy who speaks of being grateful to America and how he proudly remembers his father working his portable bar late into the night as a bartender while his mother was a maid. The thing about the story is he doesn't speak about these positions as low, he speaks of them with pride and accomplishment. He talks about how America gave them opportunity to change the course of his family's life.  No longer does a candidate use the example of a bartender and a maid as a lowly job, but as a good job to have. He loves America and believes he owes a debt of gratitude to America which he wishes to pay back for him and his family's opportunities. WOW!

Scott Walker never finished college, three credits short, he left to join Habitat for Humanity to give back. He worked his way up to become Governor of Wisconsin.  He defeats the Democrats and their thug union gangsters in no less than three elections in four years without a college degree'. Gail Collin's from her elite media perch at the New York Times tries to tear him down on several occasions only to find out her sources, Media Matters, lied about Walker and no one cares he didn't finish college. For that matter, her tear down has been so completely rejected she's shut up, at least about Walker.

Finally, the grouchy Rand Paul, so says the media, flipped the abortion question around on the Libtards when asked if he supported a woman's right to choose. He told them to go ask Debbie Blabbermouth Shultz if she and her party supported abortion anytime even in the third trimester? Shockingly, the media did to ask. Shockingly that they've never done it before and, equally shocking that they actually went and asked her. Well, Blabbermouth seems to have no limits on when a woman can kill her baby, even up to the moment the baby is born. Since 80% of Americans think there should be a limit, after 20 weeks, whose the radicals now?!

I know, it's early but these young guys on the Republican side are showing who the real elitist's and dinosaurs are on BOTH sides of the aisle are.  The stogy Democrat light John Boehner and Mitch McConnell of the Republican wing and Hillary Clinton of the Marxist Progressive party.

Polls show now more American's DON'T believe healthcare is a "right," a turn around since 2009 and Obamacare is still unpopular, 54% do not support it. That number has never been under 50% but that never stopped Obama, a tyrant to his very chore.  His executive order on immigration is now a battle in the courts and won't be decided for a while, so there is still time to reverse it. Radicals like Obama never care about what the American people want because they know best. Their social justice is nothing more than Marxism and Fascism dusted off and rebranded in order to form a new type of tyranny.  The American people  never supported Obama's agenda, but failed to tie the policies directly to Obama, probably fearing they'll be tagged a racist, are rejecting them now and only the dumbest women will go for the war on women story.

Well, the world stage is demonstrating what Leftist policies in practice look like, failure. If one of these young fresh faces on the Republican side of the aisle can tie the ideology to failed policies the Democrats will be the ones getting rid of their far-left wing for another decade or more. It took Jimmy Carter to show the American people what hard core Leftism looks like and even when Bill Clinton won he never got a majority and he never got his ideas implemented. He was smart enough to know and listen to the American people, unlike Barak Hussein Obama, a radical of radicals who we are watching destroy the world like Marxism has done for over 100 years.

April 13, 2015

Because Truth Matters!

One of my favorite sites I like to visit is ihatethemedia.com it's a simple news aggregate with one or two lines of hilarious commentary and peoples remarks.  They have a story about the SC police officer who shot the fleeing black man in the back 5 times.

The conservativetreehouse.com has done some amazing sleuth work and put together a comprehensive analysis complete with pictures and a tic-tock of events from the police dash cam to the video most people have seen of the officer shooting Walter Scott and created a single video. Great work.

The Sleuth who goes by the name Sundance was also the guy who pieced together the 711 "drug ingredient run" information from the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida which demonstrated the two items Martin bought in the store were two of three ingredients needed to mix a popular drug kids today are now using.

Sundance wondered why Scott really ran? Who was the passenger sitting in the car with Scott? And what happened in the time between the dash cam video and the video of the civilian? The time lapse of video footage may be what is most crucial in understanding what happened and why the officer shot Scott when he appeared to be empty handed and fleeing. The still photos are illuminating and seem to show a taser point impaled in the officers chest. The taser wire appears to be wrapped around the foot of the fleeing suspect as well. Still photo shows a taunt wire between officer and fleeing Scott.

If this is so, it certainly changes my first view of what took place. The video was brutal and I had believed there couldn't be a logical explanation which would shed the officer in a different light. Additionally, days after the shooting TMZ ran footage which appeared to show the police officer dropping the offending taser by the suspect, creating more damming evidence to the officer. I should have known better and waited.

What upset me most was the casualness in which the officer seemed to handle the scene, as if he has a rogue cop and really was a wolf in sheepdogs clothes. (A Sheepdog is a person who protects the heard of sheep from the wolves, Col. Dave Grossman popularized the phrase in order to describe police and military.)

I don't know if this new evidence changes the outcome for the police officer but it certainly puts into question the murder charge and, at the very least, makes it manslaughter. I hope this information comes to the public because I don't want people believing what the story seems to be saying now about police officers. They have a dangerous job already and far too many politicians and media are using horrible events to stir resentment to people whose job it is to enforce the laws of the land. The laws, by the way, in which Legislators write.

Most important TRUTH MATTERS! Check out the information for yourself would love to know if it changes your view of the shooting? Here, here, & here is the evidence.


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April 10, 2015

New Ways to Articulate Conservative Principles

Jeff Sessions has an outstanding article about immigration in the Washington Post today (here). I loved it, but he talked about the issue the way conservatives speak about issues, with numbers and facts. These methods resonate with conservatives, but are not penetrating the conscience of too many Americans today.

Look to the bottom of my posts on April 1, 2015 a speech by Heather Higgins who spoke at the Freedom Center 2015 retreat about this very issue, she does a much better job explaining why we need to change the way we speak to the American people. In short it's because it no longer works and her job has been traveling and polling to try and find the methods which allow our message to be heard by more people in a way they can relate to.

I think there are many reasons for why numbers don't work, but two reasons I see immediately; first I think numbers are easily manipulated and many know this. Second, this generation has been raised on feelings with little value placed on facts and figures from our public schools, media, TV, and Hollywood.


Economics and math do not penetrate the conscience like it does for those of us who want facts. I wish it did because Democrats never have to justify outcomes they have found feelings work better. If they did have to answer to outcomes they wouldn't win elections because, as evidence we are seeing today with Barak Obama, their ideas don't work. In particular they work least for the poor where all their good intentions are claimed to be aimed at but the outcome of their policies tell a far different story.


Unfortunate for us Democrats have become adept at feelings based arguments which seem to resonate with too many Americans and worse still, the feelings Democrats are adept at generating lower the discourse  rather than raising it. This has brought down our society because the feelings they raise  make people bitter and angry toward one another and people don't make good decisions when they are rallied the way you rally mobs.


Republicans have never been able to get into the mud with Democrats it's not in their nature. Being a former Democrat I don't have that impediment, although I admit I like a civil debate far more.

I tend to listen more to both sides when the discussion is not dragged down the road of making people caricatures whose ideas can be easily dismissed and not worth your time.


Democrats have to do this because generating negative feelings and making people angry means they don't have to tell people why their failed policies have been responsible for much of their economic pain. They don't have to explain when the Fed prints 100 billion dollars a month and gives it to the stock market it makes rich people richer.


They don't have to explain the rich are richer because Democrats encourage the Fed to create money out of thin air which devalues the dollar and makes yours and mine gas $4 a gallon. Why a gallon of milk is $4 and eggs are now $3 a dozen. These economic consequences are a direct product of Democrat ideas. Remember Joe Biden proudly proclaiming we had to spend money to make money?! Where was the Republican who pointed out right after Biden said that it was this philosophy which is a direct result of why you are paying double the price for the products you need every day.


Today, Republicans should be asking American's are you better off when gas is $4 a gallon or $2.40? This is the hidden hand of Washington's policies and it's time it stopped. It's time DC stopped making Warren Buffet and George Soros billionaires who have more money than they can spend in 4 life times and use their money to make sure they keep the policies the way they are, rather than what makes society better off.



For too long Republican's have tried to have a civil conversation which is reasoned and grounded in facts while our opponents get away with making us into feces. We need to find another way to reach people, especially black people and the only two doing this are Rand Paul and Marco Rubio.


Last month I heard Rand Paul give a speech at Bowie college and he talked about the NYC cop case where a black man was arrested in a barbaric fashion for selling loose cigarettes. My goodness can we get a grip? How did we get to the point where we are tackling people to the ground because they sold cigarettes on a street corner?


Paul spoke about this issue to a black audience in a very different way. He refocused their attention away from the police officers by telling them the police were only following the orders from the politicians who wrote the laws. The police were the easy targets because they were the face of the policies being written by YOUR politicians. It really penetrated and it is why I think Paul is doing well is swing states.


Paul reminds me of Reagan because he has been going to places like Howard University and speaking. He didn't do so great, but he learned and has tried to find new ways to articulate conservative policies and it's working.


Another politician who speaks well and reaches people is Marco Rubio who has an eloquent gift and I like his foreign policy ideas better than Paul's but I like Paul better on the economy. Rand has found a way to articulate conservative positions to non conservatives which is worthwhile and we are lucky to have him. If he can make me understand that his ideas on foreign policy have changed due to conditions on the ground and what he has learned he may become my first choice. I like Paul he seems like a guy who really wants a better America and believes the founders ideas are not too old and tired but are still relevant, true, and right.


Heres Pauls speech...

April 9, 2015

Are We Already Banana Republic?

Dennis Prager says the baby  boomer generation is the stupidest generation in America. I will add they are also the most selfish who has raised the most self indulgent generation and allowed evil to be elected to the highest levels in our nation. It's quite a resume'.

Yesterday Al Sharpton called to nationalize the police and the UN wants to control the growth of the population. These were the rattling's of the eugenics' and fascists in the lead up to WWII. The players are different but the world is sounding very reminiscent.

It is important because if these words are left unchallenged they will become accepted and if they become accepted than gulags and death camps are not impossible to imagine.

These are the things I see happening around the world...

Putin is gobbling up countries he claims are Russia's and the world is looking the other way.

Who could have imagined the Democrat party apparatchik would have a vote too close to call to remove G-d's name from their party platform and Jerusalem as Israel's' capital in 2012 and the country would be silent on it? Worse the media would ignore it.

Who could have imagined 2 years ago a gay person would have the ability to label Christianity as bigoted and the country would accept it and politicians would cower and run from it?

Who could have imagined we would be letting Iran keep all the tools and materials to build an arsenal of nuclear weapons with the consent of the world? Anyone who doesn't believe the world gave Iran the authority to build a nuclear arsenal if they would wait 10 years then your smoking and inhaling some wicked drugs.

Who could imagine we would have a President who proclaimed he and his justice department expanded his powers of the law and are now exercising them and the Republican party, the media, and the people would be allowing it?

We are living in very dangerous times where Christians are being murdered for their religious beliefs, the President of the United States denies it and, even worse, denigrates his own religion while exalting the religion of the people who are slaughtering them? Even Chamberlain wasn't this naive.

What makes countries strong and able to prosper are rules and laws which ALL must obey. The leading scholars of law, Lawrence Tribe, Alan Dershowitz, and Jonathan Turley all leading lights of liberalism and now actively campaigning and suing the government and the media, Republican party, and the people ignore it all.

My question is if the people don't see all these things and aren't actively fighting to stop them have we already become a banana republic?

April 7, 2015

Quote of the Day:

Liberals hate America, they hate flag-wavers, they hate abortion opponents, they hate all religions except Islam, post 9/11. Even Islamic terrorists don't hate America like liberals do.

Ann Coulter

The Road to Self Loathing


As I wrote two days ago, Obama's Persia, I pointed out Obama's doctrine as reported by the Washington Post, no right-wing paper. Now Daniel Pipes is connecting the dots in a more stark view and wondering aloud if Obama is friend or foe to the West.


Count the mistakes: Helping overthrow Muammar Qaddafi in Libya, leading to anarchy and civil war. Pressuring Husni Mubarak of Egypt to resign, then backing the Muslim Brotherhood, leading now-president Sisi to turn toward Moscow. Alienating Washington's most stalwart ally in the region, the Government of Israel. Dismissing ISIS as "junior varsity" just before it seized major cities. Hailing Yemen as a counterterrorism success just before its government was overthrown. Alarming the Saudi authorities to the point that they put together a military alliance against Iran. Coddling Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of Turkey, encouraging his dictatorial tendencies. Leaving Iraq and Afghanistan prematurely, dooming the vast American investment in those two countries.


And, most of all: Making dangerously flawed deals with the nuclear-ambitious mullahs of Iran.


It is here Pipes wonders aloud Obama's intent:


Is this a random series of errors by an incompetent leadership or does some grand, if misconceived, idea stand behind the pattern? To an extent, it's ineptitude, as when Obama bowed to the Saudi king, threatened Syria's government over chemical weapons before changing his mind, and now sends the U.S. military to aid Tehran in Iraq and fight it in Yemen.

But there also is a grand idea and it calls for explanation. As a man of the left, Obama sees the United States historically having exerted a malign influence on the outside world. Greedy corporations, an overly-powerful military-industrial complex, a yahoo nationalism, engrained racism, and cultural imperialism combined to render America, on balance, a force for evil.

Being a student of community organizer Saul Alinsky, Obama did not overtly proclaim this view but passed himself off as a patriot, though he (and his charming wife) did offer occasional hints of their radical views about "fundamentally transforming the United States." On ascending to the presidency, Obama moved slowly, uneager to spread alarm and wanting to be reelected. By now, however, after six full years and only his legacy to worry about, the full-blown Obama is emerging.


The Obama Doctrine is simple and universal: Warm relations with adversaries and cool them with friends.


Several assumptions underlie this approach: The U.S. government morally must compensate for its prior errors. Smiling at hostile states will inspire them to reciprocate. Using force creates more problems than it solves. Historic U.S. allies, partners, and helpers are morally inferior accessories. In the Middle East, this means reaching out to revisionists (Erdoğan, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic Republic of Iran) and pushing away cooperative governments (Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia).


Of these actors, two stand out: Iran and Israel. Establishing good relations with Tehran appears to be Obama's great preoccupation. As Michael Doran of the Hudson Institute has shown, Obama during his entire presidency has worked toward rendering Iran what he calls "a very successful regional power … abiding by international norms and international rules." Contrarily, his pre-presidential friendships with truculent anti-Zionists such as Ali Abunimah, Rashid Khalidi, and Edward Said point to the depth of his hostility toward the Jewish state.


The Obama Doctrine demystifies what is otherwise inscrutable. For example, it explains why the U.S. government blithely ignored the Iranian supreme leader's outrageous "Death to America" yelp in March, dismissing it as mere domestic pandering, even as Obama glommed onto the Israeli prime minister's near simultaneous electoral campaign comment rejecting a two-state solution with the Palestinians during his term of office ("we take him at his word").


There have been those who have tried to connect the dots of Obama's past to present and the main stream Leftist media has blocked many of these attempts, like the Los Angeles Times who has confirmed they have the tape of Obama giving a birthday speech for Rashid Kalidi but refuse to release it.

It is here we must play switch sides for a moment and imagine the LA Times holding onto a tape they believe would be detrimental to a Republican and wonder what they would do with the tape? Does anyone believe they wouldn't release it?

Do American's see what is going on and understand Obama seeks to make America a European style self loathing country who is on the verge of ceding any leadership roll around the world and will make the necessary changes in the next election or will they elect to continue the Obama doctrine of decline and self hatred?


h/t:Powerline blog

April 6, 2015

Quote of the Day...

The freedom to criticize judges and other public officials is necessary to a vibrant democracy. The problem comes when healthy criticism is replaced with more destructive intimidation and sanctions.

Sandra Day O'Connor


Culture Wars and Counter Cultures

The Republican Party has yet to figure out they are in a war, for this reason they are losing the culture war badly. Take the latest example from Indiana where a Conservative Governor, Mike Pence, folded on the religious freedom law faster than cheap suit from the Dollar Store.

In wars not everyone must be killed, just enough to abandon the battlefield.  Enough to sap the desire to fight anymore, you destroy their self worth. The Left has succeeded in making the American people believe "Big Business" and "Big Oil"  are evil entities who don't care about clean air or clean water they are driven solely by greed and these greedy institutions will lie, cheat, and steal in order to make a buck.  They didn't build anything, they stole it from you. This is far easier to do to an entity, but not as easy to do to individuals, however in order to win the culture war the Left needs to destroy the individual so the battlefield  is abandoned entirely and this is what we are seeing now. Communism, Fascism, Nazism, in other words, all forms of Marxism must first destroy religion before it destroys the culture. The state replaces G-d.

Remember when Obama lashed out at the Supreme Court during the State of the Union over the decision by the court to view Corporations as people? The case was Citizens United and in declaring Corporations people it created a dilemma for their war, will this slow down the destruction of businesses as entities and make them human?  As it turns out it didn't because the Left used the IRS to target organizations and companies which showed any initiative to get into the political arena, again sapping the desire to get on the battlefield.

Then came Obama telling American's during the 2012 Presidential campaign that if you own a business you didn't build it. The fact is Elizabeth Warren the junior senator  from Massachusetts was the first to say it, followed by Obama and even Hillary Clinton earlier this year.

With the successes mounting the Left needs to move onto the last field of battle, the individual. The individual who believes in G-d is the most dangerous and hence using the militant gay and feminist movements to attack religion.

This is where we are today, the Left is engaged in the last vestige of its war on America and by extension The West, the destruction of the individual.

American's believe if you work hard you can succeed. This is the exceptional part about America.  This belief is rooted in Bible. The Left likes to try and confound the issue with "Manifest Destiny" which was the belief by settlers of the 19th Century that they were destined to expand in America from coast to coast. The Left portrays the settler's as conquerors and even though it's not true, it doesn't matter, the Left is not capable of winning without the lies and deceptions and for them the ends alway justify the means.  Today its easy, they control the media, TV, & Hollywood who have been making the counter culture palatable, cool, and acceptable.

Manifest Destiny and American Exceptionalism  can be better understood as a belief in G-d & Liberty as viewed by the Bible which is a teacher of morality, ethics, and the individual worth. The Left actively engages in destroying these values and ideas and portray them as evil and discriminatory.  It's not a valid argument, but since the Left never engages in debating any issue it doesn't really matter, they control the narrative and this shuts down speech. They shame you and bully you into despair. They convince you that your ideas and causes are hopeless and hate filled when the truth is the opposite.

The Left is the counter culture but they are making good decent G-d fearing people try to believe they are the counter culture in order to defeat you in the culture war.

Daniel Greenfield describes the Left this way:

It is a system of control. A system of organization. A system of indoctrination. Destroy the system and the left dies. Destroy the flow of wealth and the control of ideas and it withers.

Like every system, the left seeks to control organic human institutions. It fancies itself superior to them when it is actually a parasite living on their backs. 

Exactly, and in this culture there are only two possible outcomes, either the Left wins or we win. If we want to win we have to cling to our G-d and guns the very thing Obama worries about.

The Left doesn't fear John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, or Mitt Romney they feared Andrew Breitbart and The Tea Party.

The way to defeat the Left is to believe in our values and not let them crush our spirit. Those of us who haven't allowed our families or our communities to be inculcated by pop culture and social media gangs are the ones, in the end who will be fighting the Left.

Either we win or the West dies there are no other options.

April 5, 2015

Obama of Persia

According to the Washington Post:

The Iran negotiations also reflect Obama’s abiding belief that the best way to change the behavior of hostile governments with spotty human rights records isn’t through isolation or the threat of military force, but persistent engagement. In recent years, Obama has pushed to open up trade and diplomatic relations with countries such as Cuba and Burma.

“He believes the more people interact with open societies, the more they will want to be part of an open society,” said Ivo Daalder, Obama’s former NATO ambassador and head of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

I realize I'm a mere simpleton compared to the great erudite Left, but here's a thought... if Iran wanted to "interact with open societies" why not start by not chanting Death to America, Death to Israel? I'm just sayin'.

 Second, I think it's deeper than that for Obama. His ideas about the world were inculcated into him by Edward Said at Columbia, one of the founders of post-colonialism. Post-colonialist's believe all that is wrong with the world is America's fault because we forced countries to be the way they are; therefore in order to make right all the wrongs of "force" we have subjected the world to we must castrate America and turn away from our allies. Carrying this through to its logical conclusion this would mean we would turn toward our enemies thereby making these  countries more open societies.   Obama is merely carrying out his logic to its logical conclusion, however illogical it is.

Two points here, first Obama hates colonialist's yet this is currently what he is doing in the Middle East. He is making a deal with the enemy of the Middle East, Iran while leaving all the countries of that region out of the negotiations and final deal. Funny how that works isn't it?!

Second, it hasn't happened with China yet. China has opened its trade markets, but we don't know whether of not the people have benefit from open trade or due to the internet, I think only more time will tell. At this moment China  is using it's trade to buy up many buildings in America while building up its military, threatening its neighbors, holding Tibet hostage, and declaring bodies of water under is sphere of influence (without asking those countries). The new leader, Xi Jinping has just finished a massive purge in China. So the idea that opening markets makes an open society is yet to be proven.

The problem for America is our children have been taught this brand of post-colonialism from Said, Howard Zin, Eric Fromer, and by extension, the teachers of K-12 and college. I remember reading Fromer's book of American History in college and wondering why he hated America so much? When I brought this up to a fellow student he shrugged his shoulders, but a week later he came up to me and said, hey I thought about what you said last week and you're right he (Fromer) does have a negative view about America. Yes, it's a change that I have found throughout academia. The problem is it's subtle and kids don't pick up on it consciously, it becomes an unconscious self-loathing of America fed by an older generation of baby-boomers, who by the way, are robbing these very children of their future by spending all their money today.

In the end the problem with all this anti-colonial talk is it's not grounded in reason it is grounded in hate and this is why Obama really IS the ONE they've been waiting for. He is the perfect poster child of their own self-hatred.

Alan Dershowitz and Frank Gaffney on Iran

April 1, 2015

Passover starts Friday night and I have been very busy scrubbing my house and listening to Torah lectures. In the background I have heard bits and pieces of what is going on in the world.

I would like to take a moment to sum them up.

I have heard some commentators make the assessment that Obama is not the uniter-in-chief but the divider-in-chief. I holy agree with that, but I must say it is not new, Rush Limbaugh has been making this point for years. I dare say it was from day one. However, now many are seeing it play out now, had only we listened.

Second, Hillary's email sham and the corruption she will promise to bring.

 If the news media complained about George Bush's less than openness and many in the media complain Barak Obama is worse, Hillary promises the next level in lack of transparency which is to say, not only won't I be transparent, I'll rub your face in my corruption and laugh.

The religious protection law which seems to be out dated.

This is a big one to me however in the larger picture it worse for America's soul. If you believe in the religious principals of the 10 utterances, or as much of the world knows them to be the 10 commandments you come to realize these commandments are not there for G-d's benefit but to assure we keep to the guiding principles between  man and his peers and man and his superiors.

The Left knows the Torah (Bible) better than we religious people do because they dismantle these ideas every day. What much of the Torah, which means teacher, is trying to tell us is, don't give into the temptation to wipe out your peers. The militant gay movement is not content with pocketing their victory of same sex marriage it appears they are going to say we must wipe out those who don't agree with us, in so doing it will destroy Christianity. I also predict Islam will fill the void, not a good thing.

Additionally, if they succeed in destroying Christianity (I believe they already have) then the entire American experiment is done and we will return to the days of man as god and all the mishagash (craziness) which accompanies it. The mess which accompanies this is playing out now with all the executive actions and Congress looking hapless and muted. After all the media and the Left will claim impeaching Obama is racist, this is enough to stop Republicans who seem tongue tide and incapable of making a coherent argument.

Laws are valid until someone else in power changes it. There are no rules for which you can guarantee will be there tomorrow. There are no principals of sexuality and the power which it has is discarded. you This is bad for women and the family, but no one wants to take on the banner, for that matter, Republicans don't want anything to do with it.

There is much more but I hope I have begun to carve out the mess we are in. I am a fighter by nature and wish we the people who claim they believe in these principles would fight for them.


Heather Higgins from DHFC on Vimeo.

March 27, 2015

Germanwings Pilot Converted to Islam. I'm not sure I'm buying into this but if this is true, WOW!


Emerging evidence indicates that the 28 year old copilot who crashed a Germanwings flight this week had converted to Islam, and had stayed at the same mosque which radicalized Mohammed Atta from the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.


Also, Pamela Geller is claiming to have captured a screen shot of the Co-pilots Facebook page before it was deleted and is quoting an Islamic Website claiming he is a marty for Islam.


The reason I'm not buying into this, unless the officials are hiding something from us, is because the cockpit audio claimed Lubitz said nothing but you could hear him calmly breathing. When a Muslim Radical kills he does it in the name of Allah and is proclaiming to the world that his god is the greatest of all gods and that is the reason they screamed, "Allahu Akbar."


Until I see more information I will remain sketical, but won't be suprised if it does turn out to be another murder in the name of the religion of peace.


Below is Daniel Greenfield explaining the meaning of Allahu Akbar and its historical roots. It is another masterful display of his understanding of the enemy and worthe every second.

March 25, 2015

Pat Condell on Progressives nails them but don't be fooled by his manner this video is a life times lesson packed into 6 minutes. Well Done Sir!