July 6, 2015

Interview with David Gelernter

Iran Supplied Hezbollah New Missiles That Can “Hit Any Place in Israel”

But that's a separate issue from the nuke talks according to Obama. Right, because heck one has nothing to do with the other.


On eve of Iran deal, US retreats on inspections of nuclear past, speeds up sanctions relief

inspect any site any time, not on my watch says the (O)Bam.


This is great!

July 2, 2015

Borders Language Culture

I think it is clear to many of us that Barak Obama has been the most successful President in American history. Not because he made America stronger or better, but that wasn't his goal. He has successfully fundamentally transformed America.

For years a talk show host Michael Savage has been ranting about borders, language, and culture on his radio show. Let me say up front, I am not a great fan of Mr. Savage he is moody, eccentric, narcissistic, and takes an hour to get around to making a point. Most of the time I can't stay tuned that long.  However, he was the first to my memory  who talked and wrote about the Left's assault on our borders language and culture in order to destroy the America they hate so much.

America, as we Conservatives know it died Friday June 26, 2015. The total transformation of America is complete and in the next year American's will understand the full depth and breadth of what 5 Supreme Court Justices (SCOTUS) did.

The problem for us Conservatives is, where can we go? What other place on earth can we find the principles laid forth by the founders for liberty, religious freedom, and individual rights we cherish? No where I can think of. That means we have to fight. The Left has gotten all these institutions changed with a compliant media and an activist small group of people who have been able to capitalize and maybe even create situations in order to advance the cause of fundamentally transforming America.

Millennial's put Barak Obama in office in both 2008 and 2012 by margins of 60+% and 57% respectively, now they say they want to leave America. They don't like her anymore and they are too dense to understand they got what they asked for. The fact is, I don't think Millennial's liked America to begin with.

We Conservative believed what we thought was common sense and once people entered the work force and lived life a little they see Leftist for who they were, angry, intolerant, power hungry tyrants. We were wrong and never fought forcefully enough for what we wanted and now, our daughters in particular, are going to pay dearly.

The New Testament and the Bible set the world on a path away from Greek and Roman culture and philosophy.    It transformed the world and in so doing gave the world the principles laid out by G-d and created, more than any other place on earth, a haven on earth. Friday, June 26 2015 SCOTUS wrote a new-new testament declaring themselves gods.

Until there is a better place on earth to go we need to fight for what we believe in and that means organizing, maybe using some of the Left's tactics and working to strengthen our families and religious institutions, what choice do we have?

I have spent the past few years learning as much as I can about our enemies, Islamic Radicals and Leftist's however I still need help finding the words and voice to make the necessary case. Therefore I try to give you the best and most articulate voices I can find.

As I said in the beginning Michael Savage was the first to talk about Borders, Language, and Culture however, Ben Shapiro sums up what Savage speaks and writes about in a fraction of the time and from a religious perspective. The first 20 minutes are the most important in his podcast and he is a voice we can rely on to be strong and lead.  He is a fighter and very feisty. He takes on the Left like no one we've had in my lifetime.   

July 1, 2015

History again

The Left wants to live their lives any way they desire and they are angry that we ethical monotheist's whose believers are represented in America's Judeo-Christian teachings are the impediment to this end.

Islamist's are mad as hell because Isaac stole Ishmael's rightful place next to G-d and in their minds if they kill those who subscribe to the Judeo-Christian ethos they will be restored to their rightful place in the world.

Look at ISIS and the young men searching for meaning in life and who are lost to this world find ISIS appealing. ISIS is winning and they want to be on the winning side.  Combine this with a 3,000 year old warning .  "Behold, you will conceive, and give birth to a son; you shall call his name Ishmael, for G-d has heard your prayer. And he shall be a wild-ass of a man: his hand against everyone, and everyone's hand against him; and over all his brothers shall he dwell." (Gen. 16:11-12) WOW! not bad.

In addition, the Left's plan to flood our country with illegal's and their assault on the Judeo-Christian philosophy  waged through same-sex marriage is driven by their deranged view that America must atone for their sins of slavery, stealing of land, and genocide of the Indians.

However, this too is another lie the Left tells. In truth, the Left wants to live anyway they choose, like animals to be truthful, and those of us who believe we should live by ethical rules laid out by G-d are the obstacle to that desire.

These two groups driven by rage and jealousy are gathering forces together to wage war on those who are the impediment to their Utopian visions. 

Just like anti-Semitism drove Hitler to do the irrational, ie. divert the trains from Auschwitz to defeat the oncoming Soviets or kill the Jews, he irrationally chose to continue killing the Jews. So too, these two ideologies are driven by illogical hatred and so they combine their efforts to kill the greater impediment, ethical monotheism. They crazily do not concern themselves with the problem of their diametrically opposing world views because killing ethical monotheism is the greatest obstruction to both of them.  

June 29, 2015

Mark Dice is at it again, this time getting people to sign a petition to ban the American flag and create a new one for the NEW WORLD ORDER.


June 28, 2015

This was brilliant...

Dinesh D'Souza is trying to provoke these students by being confrontational with the students at Amherst College where he gave this lecture. The Q&A, and really I use that term liberally, turns into an epic dismantling by Dinesh of this young mind full of mush, his ideas, and the people who put the ideas in his head. I hate to make you sit for the 19 minutes when the last 5 minutes is when Dinesh masterfully brings the back and forth together and takes this kid apart, but the context is important. For that matter, if you get a chance to watch the entire 96 minute lecture with Q&A you'll have a better appreciation for the tearing apart this young man is given when you see the entire context of Dinesh's lecture.  Here is the lecture in its entirety.

June 26, 2015

June 25, 2015

The Thought Police


Cass Sunstein had an article in Bloomberg View yesterday calling for, "Picking the Right Words to Ban from Campus?" Phrases such as, "'America is a melting pot" is one of the university's own examples" to axe that is, and "Here's another: 'Everyone can succeed in this society, if they work hard enough.'" And a few more: "I believe the most qualified person should get the job." "America is the land of opportunity." "Affirmative action is racist." "There is only one race, the human race."' And there is this one..." 'The University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point similarly has declared that microaggressions include a "statement made when whites deny their racial biases," and "statements that indicate that a white person does not want to acknowledge race.'"  These are considered microagression and campuses are working to, at a minimum, stigmatize them.

It appears Sunstein is not willing to call for the banning of these phrases just yet, however as the man who authored Nudge, a book whose sole purpose is to create laws, regulations, or an atmosphere to push we the people  into acting like automatons. This is the thought police sending the media a message to attack anyone who uses these phrases.

The truth is the Left is terrified of we the people acting free and speaking freely and the Left can't finish its transformation if religion, nationalism, and freedom of speech exist.

The Republican party should invest in a large scale printing of George Orwell's book 1984.

The President of the United States of America said, on a radio show, racism was in "our DNA". To that lie he needs to be slapped down and made fun of. Maybe he should stop hanging out with Democrats who are the official representatives of slavery. I don't blame Obama for thinking what he thinks, after all his own vice President  said, "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy," referring to Barak Obama. I am tired of being labeled a racist for the acts of Democrats and I think it's time to start calling these people out.

The first order of business should be montage' of the Left's comments on minorities.

June 23, 2015

None of this will be a shock to anyone interested in the truth, they'd know this already!

From Science Now: "Why conservatives might be better at dieting than liberals."

In a paper published Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers say there is a link between political ideology and the ability to exert self-control.

In a series of three studies with more than 300 participants, the authors found that people who identify as conservative perform better on tests of self-control than those who identify as liberal regardless of race, socioeconomic status and gender.

They also report that participants' performance on the tests was influenced by how much they believed in the idea of free will, which the researchers define as the belief that a person is largely responsible for his or her own outcomes.

How does the test work?

"If you see the word 'red' in blue type your mind wants to say 'blue' right away, but you have to suppress that," Clarkson said. "That's why it is a strong indicator of self regulation."

While the test result said both sides were able accurately identify the color conservatives tended to do it faster.

Certainly not definitive by any means, but the test was created by Libertarians, Liberals,  & Conservatives and that is a good sign.


June 22, 2015

The panel of MSLSD finds out the White House lied about how close MIT professor Gruber was in the baking of Obamacare. AND, they don't appear that shocked. For that matter they are laughing about the issue. I want you to replace Obama with Bush and see if this is how subdued you think they would be to have affirmation they were lied to?!

I first noticed this phenomenon during the 2000 election and the court fight which ensued. The media was heavily invested and their shaping, framing, and reactions were on full display. I would switch from FoxNews to CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and the rest of the alphabet news networks to see how different the "talking heads" reacted, it helped me understand and see the biases from both sides.

AP photographer Charlie Neibergall demonstrates the power of a picture in order to shape the public's perceptions. The image is jarring, a gun pointed at the Senator's head, point blank range. The message of pro-gun, guns kill, or worse kill this Senator cannot be misconstrued. Yes, one picture does not do this however it is only one piece of a large puzzle placed in order to create a larger picture or narrative.

As Breitbart points out a step to the left or right changes the image entirely.

Please someone imagine the outcry if this Senator was replaced with a Democrat image. 

June 21, 2015

Freedom of Speech

Pam Geller's interview on Voice of Israel is so important to hear in order to understand the brainwashing taking place within our "free press." There is a narrative our media has constructed and those who don't fall in line will be punished.  Why is it we have all heard of Pam Geller being "provocative" and "anti-Muslim" but you don't get to hear this side of the argument? It is brainwashing by omission and Yishai Fleisher's interview frames the argument completely differently allowing for a free flowing discussion.

Voice of Israel is just one avenue in which I, and many others are turning to in order to hear the opposing side of the argument. It is important for free people and more and more are going to reject the alphabet networks and turn to the internet. This is why it's important for the next President to be pro-free speech and pro-free market and the first way to demonstrate this is to overturn the Obama administrations internet coup because it's just another tool to shut down speech which they will pull the trigger on once they see they are loosing. Here is the direct link.

MP3 audio file [23.2 MB]

June 16, 2015



Nearly overnight, it would appear that the long-standing ideas of race as a social construct and gender as a biological construct have been flipped on their heads.


I like to say we have lost our minds, literally.


Puzzle me this Left???

how is Bruce Jenner, who has XY chromosomes and believes he is a woman is a woman? While Rachel Dolezal claims to be a black woman and she  isn't?! Name for me the objective differences????




Hence we have moved from the sane to the insane. We have entered the world of "mass delusion."



Rachel Dolezal's lies about being black is like a car crash, I can't stop looking. I'm in stunned amazement as to how it is possible for the American people to be this dumb? Maybe I shouldn't be, the methods they use are tested and work, it's called brainwashing.


In a long, but outstanding article in the Federalist, writer Stella Morabito talks about author Joost A. M. Meerloo in his book The Rape of the Mind, The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing” puts it this way, “This book attempts to depict the strange transformation of the free human mind into an automatically responding machine – a transformation which can be brought about by some of the cultural undercurrents in our present-day society as well as by deliberate experiments in the service of a political ideology.”


In other words, the Left has and is engaging in psychological war on the collective. "Mass delusion" in order to induce change. The bad news, reason will not work anymore. We have trained a generation to think emotionally not using reason, truth, or logic.

This method has been so successful we have now codified it with K-12 in Common Core. Those who still see the world through objective fact and reason picked it out immediately, everyone else, not so much.

The antidote, according to the Federalist author, freedom. Do not negotiate the First Amendment. Which, unfortunately we already have. Free speech is in decline and has been deliberately and systematically shut down with nary a fight.

In Gavin DeBecker's book, The Gift of Fear he talks about negotiating with the word no. He says in order not to become a victim of a violent crime, like rape, never negotiate no away. I'd here to fore like to promote that idea for freedom of speech, never negotiate it away.

Stella is correct the First Amendment is part of the antidote, but it's deeper than that because we have an entire movement on the side of liberty who is still immersed in the mass hysteria with called Libertarianism.  

It is liberty without morality, it's anarchism. The only antidote to any of this insanity is the belief in G-d. The study of objective morality. The only place this can be found is in the Bible. It is the home of freedom, liberty, individualism, truth, reason, logic, justice, and happiness.

Rachel Dolezal and Bruce Jenner are unhappy and psychologically deluded and rather than struggle to find a way to be happy with the way they were born they look to become someone or something else. Gender, race, singles rights movement, polygamy, transhumanism , Islamo- fascism, etc., etc. are all mental illnesses which are or will be normalized in order to gain power and control over the people. Barak Obama has set in motion the mass hysteria which over the next decade will usher in the Left's lifelong dream of tyranny. The ultimate power.

The only prescription to tyranny is the Bible.

I don't want to sell Stella short because she does believe love and laughter are also antidotes and this is true, however without the moral underpinnings, without knowing right from wrong in a world turned upside down these solutions are mere band aids. The only kryptonite is the study of the Bible.

June 15, 2015

Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it.

Edmund Burke


I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.
Thomas Jefferson


If only Leftist's understood we don't have to lie or re-write history in order to grow unless, your goal is to destroy what we've made in order to renew the ancient.

While you are going about your day put in your ear buds, holster your ipod or Android to your hip, and play this history lesson because it is worth every minute.

June 12, 2015

Carly Fiorina takes Center Seat on Special Report

The questions were tough, but fair. I think this woman handles herself very well. What I like is she frames the problems and then gives solutions. Like the solutions or not it is refreshing. I like her and want to hear more. I hope she makes the top 10.

Part 2 was her weakest part of interview, but she made no fatal mistakes.

How to Lose the 2016 Election

I just finished reading another article advising Conservatives to check their morals at the door. I don't see how you maintain your base while expanding your voters by telling those who vote for you to sit down and shut up. I t don't think the base are the crazy people in the room and Republicans can't win arguments they don't bother to make. More important, you've already lost the election if you haven't secured your base. Why is this so difficult for Washington insiders to understand?

How about you geniuses figure out how to stop blaming the base and figure out what you stand for? Democrats know exactly who they are and what they stand for. Every day they go out and fight for it, now there's a novel idea.

"The politics of resentment and agitation, that signals to people outside our circle that they aren’t particularly liked or appreciated or even wanted, is suicidal." The President and his party have been successfully doing this since 2004. They may be losing in terms of Representation but this tends to be short lived for Conservatives and since Republican's never roll back anything Democrats pass, we're still losing.

Additionally, the writer makes a bizarre argument, " One can make a reasonable case that the governing party in the United States is the Republican Party, which is the political home of the conservative movement." So while we're winning we're losing?

The Republican establishment is so worried  the base may talk about "anti-abortion" and "anti-gay marriage" and this will lose them the election. In phrasing the issue as "anti"  they've already told the base who they are, not conservatives. Besides, other than Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee  no one is talking about these issues. In a free society we are allowed to hold opposing positions while simultaneous making the case about governance and reasonable people can disagree about the matter. However, I don't see how you plan to win elections when the core of your ideas come from the very principles and morals you are telling people to shut up about.

Why not say to people one of the reasons America is so great is because in a free and open society people can disagree on some issues while agreeing about many other issues.  You may not agree with me about certain social issues however if we are going to have any respect for differing opinions the first thing we need to do is redistribute the power in Washington from Washington to you. Lately the people in Washington have become tone deaf to we the people. They think they can manage your life from an office in Washington DC, I don't.

I would make the case you are far more qualified to make better decisions about your life then any politician or bureaucrat.  I would make the case you are smarter than many of those trying to manage your world. Why allow some paper pusher who doesn't know, like, or care about you personally make the most personal decisions about your life?! That seems bat shit mad. (Look I cursed does that make me cool now?!)

 The way to keep my personal opinions about the way you should run your life out of your life is to elect people who aren't interested in controlling your life. It is clear to see it is our opponents who are far more interested in controlling your every decision than I am.

For example, I think you should be able to chose your own Doctor, my opponents think they should do it. I want you to be able to pick the school you think is best for your children, my opponent wants to keep throwing money at a failed program because it is a source of their money, teachers unions.  This fills Democrat coffers but it doesn't give our children an education to compete in the market.  I think you should chose what is best for you and your family. Washington proves everyday they shouldn't be making these decisions.

My friends on the other side of the aisle seem to have no problem sleeping at night encouraging women and young children to endeavor over dangerous terrain, be subject to coyote's, and drug pushers -who behead people as a normal practice- in order to expand their voting bloc all the while putting an even bigger strain on our already out of control budget . Not to mention the disease which accompany them. I think we have enough people to help without encouraging more to come, let's help our own people here. We can help other people in other countries without bringing them here.

How can Democrats claim to be the compassionate party when hundreds of thousands of people are being slaughtered in the Middle East and Africa and we have the ability to help and do nothing. Not to mention the fact it was our intervention which caused some of these problems, you don't just abandon it, you fix it and learn from it.

Ladies how can Democrats claim there is a war on women when they ignore what is taking place with women around the world? For me the worry about same sex marriage isn't the 3 to 5 % of the population who live this way in America it is due to watching societies who treat women like chattel in Africa and in the Middle East and worry if their choices of allowing pedophilia in bath houses or men to have 5 wives has anything to do with it why their societies are the way they are? I think reasonable people can agree or disagree, I am open for discussion, however my friends don't want to talk about issues they want to demonize me and my values.

I think presenting our positions in a pluralistic society while NOT allowing the people on the other side to demonize me is reasonable it's not something to hide in a closet and run away from. If we continue to seed on cultural issues which are opposed to our principals than we've already lost.