February 11, 2016

What kind of Leader do we want?


As America inches closer and closer to authoritarian rule the people stop looking at what made America great and look for a strong man.  We have two in this race, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Their followers are mad as hell at the corruption in Washington, Banking, and the politicians. They seek the "ultimate" outsider or "true believer" who will take it to those who have pilfered, lied, &  scammed us.


The Left has abandoned all pretence of Democracy and now outwardly courts and supports Socialism. Republicans who are angry and tired of a weak kneed party who has promised with each delivered election to stop the government takeover of our lives brought on by Obama, Reid, and Pelosi. Republicans have rubberstamped every policy, and every dime Obama et., al. have spent. Now they're looking for their own strong horse who has his own empty promises to "make America great again."


It's been so long since a Conservative has fought for the principles of a Constitutional Republic based on the rule of law, a smaller less powerful government whose purpose is to keep the American people safe and ensure states don't run rough shot over the Constitution that we no longer know the definition of a Conservative.


Today the government is so intrusive and has so many tentacles into our lives we don't recognize a government strong man pretending to be a Republican. The difference between Trump and Sanders is minimal and for the Left it's not shocking they have been marching toward this end for 80 years. However, for the Republican party this is astonishing and shameful.


Today's front runner doesn't just promise to manage the behemoth better he promises to make it bigger and rule it with an iron fist. He will "make the hospitals pay" for every American to have healthcare and promises the "government will pay for it." He made this promise in September of 2015, just 5 months ago.


He wants to cut military spending, expand Medicare and Medicaid. He is fine with letting Russia rule the Middle East thereby turning over the oil fields to the Mullah's of Iran and Putin. Oil prices in America will soar because in order for American companies to survive they need $65-$75 a barrel so you can add another $1.50-$2.00 for every gallon you buy.    


He is content with harvesting and selling aborted babies body parts and won't intervene with Planned Parenthoods present practices. People have turned their ears off when listening to Donald Trump and time is running out for America.


I know I have said this with each of the last 3 elections and with each election we march toward the overlords, the strong horse, the authoritarian who will "make America great again. Or we look to the other angry utopian ruler of Socialism. History has shown time and again these models which are manifest all around us are not how we have lived or the way we should live.


The education system has stopped teaching the principles which did make America great and I assure you Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders solutions were NOT the reasons.


Remember when Obama said this:

            It is this world, a world where cruise ships throw away more food in a day than most          residents of Port-au-Prince see in a year. Where white folks' greed runs a world in need.        Apartheid in one hemisphere, apathy in another hemisphere. That's the world on which         hope sits. 


When the worlds cards are stacked against the people they cry out for a strong King. This is what we are doing and we're not paying attention to what they are saying and whether they comport with the leaders which made America great.


A leader who keeps right and wrong close to him at all times. As the leaders of the Jewish people were required to make their own scroll of a book in the bible and carry it at all times. One who  is humble, like Moshe.'  Wise like King Solemn. Leaders and business people who use equal weights to measure so they are not corrupt and are not accused of corruption.


The bible is chock full of examples of good and bad, right and wrong, and methods by which to help guide an individual and a people through the pitfalls of the thing we call life. God warned the people not to choose a  King who will rule over them. He put down the framework to follow:

you shall surely set a king over you whom the LORD your God chooses, one from among your countrymen you shall set as king over yourselves; you may not put a foreigner over yourselves who is not your countryman. 16"Moreover, he shall not multiply horses for himself, nor shall he cause the people to return to Egypt to multiply horses, since the LORD has said to you, 'You shall never again return that way.'…(Duet. 17:15-16)


"When he says whom the LORD your God chooses" it means using the examples throughout the text as guide post to follow and if they followed the principles set forth they would prosper and grow.


America's founders knew if the people wanted secular rule and a country to have open arms to all religions and non religions and live in peace and prosperity the people needed to stay strong with the principles laid out in the bible and throughout its structure otherwise corruption and deceit would become common place. Leaders would only care about themselves and their tribe of friends and family. They would cut deals which benefited themselves and their side while punishing those who do not agree or who oppose them. Like the IRS used as a tool to punish political decent.


Americans are falling for the siren call of power and might over rule of law and decency. As Milton Freidman argued so many years ago with Phil Donahue who responds to the calls of Socialism and the strongmen like Barak Obama and Donald Trump:


Freidman: Well, first of all, tell me, is there some society you know that doesn't run on greed?  You think Russia doesn't run on greed?  You think China doesn't run on greed?  What is greed?  Of course none of us are greedy. It's only the other fellow who's greedy.  The world runs on individuals pursuing their separate interests.  The great achievements of civilization have not come from government bureaus.  Einstein didn't construct his theory under order from a bureaucrat.  Henry Ford didn't revolutionize the automobile industry that way.  In the only cases in which the masses have escaped from the kind of grinding poverty you're talking about, the only cases in recorded history are where they have had capitalism and largely free trade.  If you want to know where the masses are worst off, it's exactly in the kinds of societies that depart from that.  So that the record of history is absolutely crystal clear that there is no alternative way, so far discovered, of improving the lot of the ordinary people that can hold a candle to the productive activities that are unleashed by a free enterprise system.


But, Donahue said about Capitalism, "it seems to reward not virtue as much as ability to manipulate the system."

Friedman replied, "And what does reward virtue?  Do you think the communist commissar rewards virtue?  Do you think  Hitler rewards virtue?  Do you think American presidents reward virtue?  Do they choose their appointees on the basis of the virtue of the people appointed or on the basis of their political clout?  Is it really true that political self-interest is nobler somehow than economic self-interest?  You know, I think you're taking a lot of things for granted.  Just tell me where in the world you find these angels who are going to organize society for us. I don't even trust you to do that."


What American's have forgotten is how to control and harness the natural impulses of greed. That greed has its place if one follows its original principles and foundations which brought it prosperity and peace. Choosing a leader whose precepts are these foundations are the only way to return to them. Listening to the strong horse who promises to be a better iron fist rule than the other guy is NOT the way.

February 10, 2016

Chris Christie Republican destroyerd



"We will know tonight whether Chris Christie succeeded in damaging Marco Rubio in the Presidential campaign with his assault from the debate Saturday night." That's what I wrote yesterday.


So now we know Christie succeeded in bruising Rubio in the debate, however, we also now know, he didn't help himself. So let us say goodbye and good ridden to Christie as a Presidential contender, he is a good foot soldier in the war against conservatives for the Republican establishment and there will be a bright future for Mr. Christie if the Republican party survives this political cycle.


Look, I know Rubio shot himself Saturday and the chances of him making a comeback in this crowded field are not so great, however here's another thing we Conservatives should be taking a serious look at when it comes to Rubio, he's no rhino and he's NOT establishment.


Additionally, New Hampshire's open primary made it easy for Democrats and independents to have a say in our primary, S. Carolina is not like that.


The establishment is Kasich, Bush, & Christie.  Christie did his job Saturday night, we all know it, but now comes the question, what next?


Kasich has no chance of winning the primaries, he's looking for VP spot which is why you heard Bill Kristol last night proclaim the "likely GOP ticket" is Trump/Kasich. That's the deal being offered to Trump.


However, we Conservatives better realize Cruz and Rubio are our only chance and while my heart is with Cruz my head still says Rubio. If Rubio starts making a strong showing again in debates we will see Carly, if she's still in it, or someone from Florida (not Jeb) try to take him out again. This time Rubio better show some moxie.


Another point about the New Hampshire primary is Cruz has real legs in this race. Let's hope his constant speech making teaches him to be a more charismatic speaker.

February 9, 2016

Chris Christie Republican destroyer


We will know tonight whether Chris Christie succeeded in damaging Marco Rubio in the Presidential campaign with his assault from the debate Saturday night. Christie has repeated the mantra about governors being tested and Senators doing nothing for months, however Saturday night he scored some points by claiming Rubio is too scripted and he has no depth.


I want to know where the idea that a Senator cannot be president came from? While it may seem like a good argument I want to point out Jimmy Carter & George W. Bush were governors and I don't think either of those guys have left America in a better place than they found it.


As to Senator Barak Obama being a failure, I beg to differ, I think he's been very successful at what he's wanted to do and Marco Rubio strikes me as a guy whose record of accomplishments are in a similar vein. I hope Rubio could do the same for the Conservative side of the aisle as Obama has for the Leftist side of the aisle.


Rubio got stuck Saturday night saying the same scripted line about Obama 5 times. Had Rubio said, just once, I will keep repeating myself over and over again until you get it...


Rubio was pointing out to Americans that Barak Obama's damage to America is planned and is exactly what he's wanted to do. Other than Ted Cruz NO ONE is making this argument and it's an important one. Barak Obama, Hillary and Sanders are of the same ideology and they hate America as a Constitutional Republic. The Left seeks Marxism which means bigger government into every aspect of our lives and that means less liberty.


Sanders is calling for a Revolution and that means people dying. Does anyone listen to these guys?!


Additionally, and back to Christie, this is not the first time Chris Christie would have ruined a Republican going to the White House, let's not forget his "hug" to Obama 5 days before the 2012 Presidential election. The "hug" or "bro-mance"  he displayed after Hurricane Sandy showed a man out of control and over whelmed with emotion, so much so he helped show Obama as a good compassionate guy whose interested in solving the problems for all Americans.


Let's not forget camp Obama made Romney out to be a cold hearted millionaire who didn't care about the people and Christie helped seal that impression on voters.


Also of note, in 2012, Romney asked Christie to give a keynote speech at the Republican National Convention where Christie exalted the virtues of Christie, thereby  demonstrating a larger ego than his girth. It was seen as disrespectful and a speech made for 2016 not for 2012.



In the end I think Christie did do damage to Marco Rubio, thereby taking out the only other conservative in the race other than Ted Cruz. He may have won the victory against Rubio, but I don't think he's endeared himself to voters in the process.


Chris Christie looks like he was a good prosecutor, something he's told us 3-4 times in each of the 7 debates the Republicans have had, but Christie is no conservative and he's no friend to Conservatives either. He seems to like destroying things, but the mess he leaves behind is not help to a people seeking liberty and the rule of law.


It may end of up benefitting Kasich or Bush. I doubt it, but it's possible Rubio supporters go to the only other Conservative Cruz, but I won't hold my breath.


New Hampshire's motto is "live free or die." Over the past 20 years they have chosen die by government means many times. The second most irreligious state in the Union may very well choose to put a halt to Rubio, it wouldn't be the first time they chose secularism and big government over the constitution and liberty, however it may be America's last chance at a shot for both a constrained government and liberty.


If they do choose Trump in first and Kasich in second Christie's damage to Conservatism would be irreparable.  Thanks Christie, for nothing.

February 8, 2016

NARAL is the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League and they are hopping mad at Doritos for their "humanizing fetuses" during their Super Bowl ad. I have a question for NARAL:


What did you think was in the woman's belly a Buick?!?

February 5, 2016

It's been a busy week personally and politically. Today I woke up to an unexpended 8 inches of snow on the ground. I knew it was going to  snow, but wasn't expecting this much. Where's the global warming when you need it?!


The Problem with the RNC

CTH noticed something interesting about the debate stage this Saturday night and takes the time to unload on the RNC over it. It looks like Carly Fiorina didn't make the cut and she won't be on the stage. While I really like Carly it is apparent I am one among a few. As best I understand it, the people see her as shrill, mean, nasty, ugly, etc., etc., you get the meaning at this point.


Here's the problem, we already know unless Mrs. Clinton is dragged, and I do mean dragged, off stage in cuffs there is no way she backs out of the race this time. Especially against a 74 year old Socialist who honeymooned in the U.S.S.R.!


Therefore, the war on women is a go for the Democrats, there is no other way she wins. Taking Carly off the stage, fair or not, is politically a problem. Reason and facts will not influence the young and ignorant voters it will be innuendo, war on women, and sexism which comprise the makeup of the Republican party. It will be the media and Left's calling card all the way to November.


What's wrong with Socialism?


America was born on the precept of Liberty. We fought to be released from a ruler who told us how we should live and what we could believe. Our framers and the men who fought the Revolutionary War really were fighting for and risking everything for freedom from government rule.


Democrats today seem to have trapped themselves. They have gone so far down the socialist road they can't distinguish the difference between themselves and the most oppressive  murderess system of the 20th century. Socialism is merely the road to Communism and while most people look at Europe and disagree with what I just said, it doesn't change the fact that socialism is merely a point of reference to loosing freedom.


Bernie Sanders actually believes America = The Federal Government.  America, to Bernie is: The government. The government takes 90% of your income and then they provide for you what the government and those who run it say you need in life. Housing, education, healthcare, and a job.  The only people who live better are those who've  gamed the system or work in the government.


Presently, the people backing Bernie either don't understand their liberties will be lost or they want the government to care for them. The problem will emerge when these young minds of mush decide they don't like something in the system, take for example their job. If you don't like your job, too bad the government will have the final say and if you don't like it a person with a gun will show up at your door and cart you off to prison. But when prisons become overfilled and you haven't learned to shut your mouth then they'll dispose of you. It IS what the system is designed to do. You go along to get along or die.


Europe doesn't have the problem because they've NEVER been free like Americans. Young minds full of mush don't understand this, but they will.


Think for a moment about how the Left claims the markets crashed in 2008; they said, "unbridled capitalism" destroyed the markets.  No, the government decided people who had unsteady jobs and no money to put down on a house should own a home. They forced banks to loan them money. When gas prices shot up so too did the cost of doing business, as well as food, electricity, and oil for homes. When people lost their because of this they couldn't pay the mortgages. Or they had to make a choice,  job or pay mortgage? They decided they needed to eat more than they needed a house and walked away from the house.   


The government decided they wanted to socially engineer the housing market, after all, it made Leftists feel good to say they helped people own a home.  That's it for the Left, that is how they operate. They like an idea and it immediately becomes good, decent, and MORAL. The fact that it won't work doesn't enter into their lexicon of thinking. They believe it will and therefore it will. It's that simple for them.


Remember when Nancy Pelosi told us unemployment was economic stimulus? That's because the Left thinks the government should confiscate our money, give it to whatever or whoever they deem should get it and then these people will do exactly as they think they will, spend it. When people don't act according to the Left's plan they blame it on everything under the sun but their do good ideas.


Take for example, Obamacare. In order to sell it all sorts of gimmicks, lies, and political chicanery was employed to get it passed thinking once the people had it they would love it. Get it, it was good, kind, and moral. When people didn't sign up for it because of the shocking sticker price Obama and the Democrats engineered it by illegally changing the law and rules in order to put off the fact that it won't ever work.


So now the latest in the healthcare enrollment turns out to be less than the number they downgraded it from and the media quietly swept it under the rug. Insurance companies are complaining bitterly, but like every other government manipulation they will ignore the warnings until the insurance companies go out of business. They will then claim the unbridled greed of insurance companies are to blame and the only solution is for the government to take it over.


When the government controls your ability to be well, your education, and your housing you have no freedom.  What you have is a ruling class and a working class. You have a class based system where the ruling class decides what's best for the working class, you have Europe.


Let us not forget the governments of Europe decided to take in migrants from third world countries who are now raping, murdering, and taking jobs and housing from the peoples of Europe. Since the governments control the press the media merely tells them what they think the people should know. There is no real freedoms, not of speech, not to own a gun to prevent crime and rape, not in anything with meaning.


Americans have this election to put their foot down and say no to government rule. What will they decide to do? Will they decide a country of the people, by the people, for the people or a class base system where freedom is an illusion of votes from one ruling class person to another?

February 2, 2016

Finally the voters speak


Finally, Iowans went to the polls last night and in an open forum cast their ballots for the winner:


 1)Ted Cruz 28%

2) Donald Trump 24%

3) Marco Rubio 23%


Now that we know conventional campaigns run by Ted Cruz and still a winning formula the question becomes what next? My conservatism and mind align more with Ted Cruz, but my heart tells me Marco Rubio is the guy with that "it."  The "it" is the likeability factor a guy who is affable to wider audience.


I say this because in the last debate Cruz said, "I just may have to leave the stage" trying to pretend to be offended that the moderators had him in the crosshairs. It was a dig at Donald Trump for missing the debate and not staying for the tough questions. However, even if you laughed it didn't endear you to him, that is what humor is supposed to do. Yet, when Marco cracked a joke you laughed and felt the endearment toward him. I know, this is personal, but the truth is people have to like the person they are voting for and Marco has the gift that Cruz is lacking.


It is also evident Marco Rubio had an extremely strong showing in Iowa and the timing was perfect. 


If I were Rubio and Cruz I would be looking for the knockout blow of Donald Trump. I would begin asking Trump where his building and organization skills he brags about were in Iowa? Why he wants the American people to trust him when the evidence of a builder is absent in Iowa? For that matter, if it weren't for free media attention he would have no media game. That is not to say he doesn't know how to get himself on TV but where is the benefit of all the free stuff?


The question becomes what do the candidates do with next? Does Ted & Marco build on their gains? Now things get interesting.

February 1, 2016

Eminant Domain, Trump style.


Listen to the language he tries to employ to take a woman's house he wants to build a parking lot for Trump Towers, a now, out of business cassino bought out by a Saudi Prince. Or, as the Prince claims, bailed out Trump.


The Presidential Nominee is asking you for a job


Today is the day the American people begin to make the decision as to who they hire for the top spot. Donald Trump is showing up for a job and he's asking you to hire him.


I want you to think about this for a moment because you America, begin today to make that final decision as to who you would hire to represent your company. It is time to use your head in combination with your heart and decide.  Weigh the good with the bad and see who you think would be best to lead you into tomorrow.


The Tea Party was founded to stop the government takeover of our healthcare, Donald Trump wants universal healthcare for every American.


In the State of Connecticut Hospitals are closing and American doctors are losing their jobs to lower paying foreign educated doctors. What does this mean to your quality of care?


Donald Trump supports private developers taking your home in order to build parking lots for big builders, such as Trump.  Today you may say you're okay with this, but when these people decide neighborhoods should be over run to build large complexes or what not, then what will you say?


Maybe, as they are doing in Europe, the government decides to kick people out of their homes to make room for migrants you may see your decision come back to bite you.


In the next Presidential cycle we will choose 2 to 4 Supreme Court justices are you sure you want Donald Trump selecting them? He says he supports his sister who is a Leftist to the top court. Is this what we need in order to stop the government takeover of our lives, our fortunes, and our honor?


Trump is turning Leftist political correctness on its head and it feels really good. We have waited for someone on our side to say the things we have been thinking for years and Trump is that guy. He says it boldly and doesn't back down.  This is a good thing and about time someone stood up to the bullies on the Left.


However, we must not forget what we stand for and it is in this department people must make a decision with their heads and not just with their hearts. The Left has used feelings as the basis for policy decisions for our lifetime and look at the results?


We have used facts, financial figures, and logic for decades trying to reach our friends on the Left  and it hasn't worked. Well now the same logic, facts, and economics are being said about a candidate for our side, are you listening or are you reacting with anger , name calling, and bitterness? Use the same logic you have been applying when you make your decision for the top job and if you conclude Trump is your guy, so be it. We could do worse than Trump, we could get Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Jerry Brown or Elizabeth Warren.


BTW they're all white and elderly. Welcome to the new Left where the motto is, do as I say not as I do, is policy. These people are far worse than even Donald Trump.

January 29, 2016

Amalek issues executive order to label all Israeli goods made in the West Bank


While on paper this is not an official boycott of goods the question becomes, what's the difference. Every Anti-Semite has been trying to get this passed for years and now, in the dark of night, Amalek gets it done and the media howls. Check out how the sleaziness of how he does this.


A memo issued earlier this month by the Obama administration directs the U.S. “trade community” and government partner agencies to explicitly label Israeli-made goods that have been produced in the West Bank.

The Jan. 23 directive states that it is “not acceptable” to label goods coming from Israeli companies in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as having been produced in “Israel.


This is a shift from the administration’s previous position. A State Department spokesman told reporters in November that such labeling could be perceived as “a step on the way to a boycott” and said boycotts would be opposed by the administration.


It is a subtle shift and one must understand how the shift makes it important. It succeeds in isolating products of the West Bank as NOT part of Israel. While most will read this and say, no big deal understanding the way Leftists/Anti-Semites work is key to understanding why this little change has importance.


The Left plays the long game and the long game means making little changes so people shrug their shoulders and say, nothing here to see you're being paranoid. I beg to differ it is an understanding of how these people do things.


 It is equivalent to the frog boiling in the water. The frog enters the warm water and it feels good and yet the heat is on and so the water continues to get warmer and warmer. As the frog acclimates itself to the increasing temperature is misses the difference between warm and hot until finally the water is begins to boil and the frog dies.


The two questions you must ask yourself is why did he make the change if it doesn't mean anything? Second,  why did he do it by executive memo and not legislation?


Here's the last line of the story, "Custom and Border Protection did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the memo."


Yes, and it won't.



The Debate


I think I understand why Trump pulled out of the debate last night and it might have been a good move for himself, not Conservatism.


Last night Fox News dug up media montages' of Cruz and Rubio seemingly changing their positions on immigration. Rubio did change his positions however Cruz did not and its understanding the differences which was not well explained by Ted Cruz in the debate. It hurt both guys, how much we won't know for a few days. However, it did help Trump.

Rubio's was a campaign promise not to support amnesty for illegal immigrants. Cruz's legislative amendments to the "gang of 8 bill," which supported citizenship,  were a poison pills meant to show the bill was lying about legalization. His 38 word amendment would have insured a "legal status" which does not afford voting privileges. The point was the Democrats only wanted the bill in order to get new Democrat voters and Cruz's legislation pointed to that fact in which Rubio and Schumer were hiding in the words of the legislation. It was Cruz's legislative game playing which showed the lie and killed the legislation all together.


Unfortunately the media montage did not demonstrate that point it showed Cruz claiming he was all for the legalization.  Not so, but that was up to Cruz to explain not the moderators.


The larger problem for, we the people is how many positions Trump has changed within a year and the media montage Fox would have shown of all the changes might have been devastating to Trump. In the end, it looks like Cruz and Rubio got beat up on the immigration issue and Trump is the guy who looks like the steadfast truth teller.


The Conservative movement is selling its soul to destroy Washington. In the end, Trump will hurt us as much as any Leftist is America has, but somehow there is a blindness to this fact that people don't want to see.


Let's not forget the 69 year old Trump spent his week "tweeting" provocative pictures of Megyn Kelly and labeling her a bimbo.  Rush Limbaugh has called Barak Obama a man child for years. What do you call Trumps tweets Rush?!


Finally, Fox News is one of the only places a Conservative can go in order to get the other side of the story and our Conservative friends are helping Trump destroy it, wow howz that for doing the Lefts job?



January 27, 2016

May you live in interesting times

The source of the above quote is supposed to be Chinese in origin, but it's meaning is what's important, it's a curse.

I want to give my condolences to the loss of the Oregonian militia man, Finicum who, according to sources, " Finicum and Ryan Bundy allegedly disobeyed orders to surrender and resisted arrest, The Oregonian reported, citing sources. But that narrative is being challenged."

The entire episode is a tragedy and I have sympathy for the ranchers, whose livelihood has been turned upside down due by the Federal governments insatiable appetite for land. That being said, these guys should not have used guns it was a mistake which cost people their lives in many ways.


My question, what does the government need land for? Why does the government need that particular land? The ranchers had grazing rights on the land for a long time and now the government has decided it will take the rights away. Period no further discussion. The ranchers are warning sign for all of us.


The Donald

The Donald has decided he needs more free publicity and has backed out of the Fox News debate. This could be a mistake because Trump gets mostly favorable free air time from the channel and the rest of the media will not be so nice to the Donald.

I try to hear both sides of the debate and for a Trump side please see here and here. Conservative Tree House (CTH) is a thorough guy but he's not dispassionate about his support for Trump. CTH is reporting " Megyn Kelly, and her sidekick Chris Stirewalt are the visible symptom, not the actual underlying issue. Their partnered ‘too-cute-by-half schtick‘ has been ongoing for several months, including the coordinated antics at the last debate, and in the weeks leading up to the last debate; but again, they are the symptom – not the real issue." Additionally, they claim google and Fox have turned the debate over to a muslim supporter who compares Trump to Hitler.


One source is Breitbart news and although I enjoy reading the blog they have not always been accurate. I will say Megyn Kelly is not a dispassionate bystander hear but at this point the entire thing has gotten personal on both sides.


Then there is this to consider, Quinnipiac's poll today shows the Iowan caucuses a two point race between Trump (31) and Cruz (29) with a 3 pt. margin of error. When you dig down into the numbers Cruz is winning among evangelicals and Conservatives by double digits while Trump's support is double digits for moderate to liberal Republicans. See the poll here.


I point this out because Trump is a media genius and may see the loss, writings on the wall, so why not stir up some controversy about a debate and use it if he needs an excuse. For Trump he has claimed to be a winner and not a loser. A loss in Iowa, especially after he's spent so much time there recently, is a loss, but if he can claim FoxNews has had an impact on his chances then he can claim it's not his fault. Don't forget all the free publicity he gets from his latest stunt. Like Obama, Trump knows how to manipulate and is very good at it.


The problem I see in all this is our press. If you believe CTH, FoxNews is plotting against Trump. If you believe Trump is using the media in order to control his message and keep himself in the news while ruining a journalist then you see a dictator in the making. I think it may be both and either way it does not bode well for democracy. It's impossible to know the truth, however it is clear we the people are the target of the manipulation and the truth does not seem to be a high priority for anyone but us.


It is why I am looking for the most Conservative candidate and I could be happy with Cruz or Rubio. I think Cruz is tougher and speaks more to my ideas, but Rubio is a Conservative too, he's just not as strong as Cruz. Rubio's plus is he is more appealing in a general election and has a positive message for America.


I know the saying goes that the American people tend to vote for something and not against, but Democrats have been voting against Republicans for years. People are not enthusiastic for a lying power hungry old lady, however they are against the "evil Republicans." It's the dish they've been fed for decades. I have yet to find a person in Connecticut who can point to a specific thing they don't like about a particular Republican, but they know the person and party are bad.

January 26, 2016

What Daniel Greenfield says in this video is deeply disturbing. Daniel seems to be reading his comments without emotion, it takes away from the severity of what he is saying. If you can get past the monotone and hear the words it should scare every one of us about the future for our sons and daughters.


Western Civilization moved the world forward because it accepted some fundamental principles, life, liberty, charity, loving his neighbor and making a man cling to his wife.


Though the last may seem outdated it was essential in order for a feminist movement to have occurred. Society, Western  men in particular, have advanced due to Biblical principals advanced by both Jews and Christians.


The Muslim world has never advanced with the civilized world and  sees women as property. To be owned and therefore beaten, raped etc.


Leftists around the world have rejected reason, truth, and Western ideas. It is how they can take such backward ideas and advance them.

January 25, 2016

Conservative's must ask themselves, are elections held for the purpose of venting emotions?


Yesterday my back was still giving me a hard time and this meant I was, after working out and stretching, still taking it easy for the day. The DVR event for the day, at least until football started, was Howard Kurtz "Media Buzz".  As seems the rest of FoxNews these days Donald Trump was on. FoxNews should rename itself The Trump channel because Trump is on morning day and night.  It is sad and a disservice to the people. It has become clear FoxNews only wants ratings and by this action has picked a candidate for the people.


Last week National Review dedicated an entire magazine to the prospect of, Against Trump. They picked  Conservative voices within the conservative movement who do not support Donald Trump for the Republican nomination. Fox News went on offense against these voices. They didn't debate the issues they did what Progressives do, they attack the messenger and ignore the message.


Take Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro. She said on Twitter: “The National Review needs to get in line with the rest of the Republicans. How dare they trash the front-runner Donald Trump!”




Fox Pundit Peter Johnson, Jr: I think it’s a hit-job, I think it’s a put-up job. I don’t have any sense of credibility about it.



Really, a hit job and National Review needs to get in line with the rest of the Republicans?!  35% support Trump, and there is not one personal attack on Trump they are reasoned opinions.



Thomas Sowell  is now being attacked by folks like Hannity and Fox News.



Thomas Sowell  who said,  " What is even more remarkable is that, after seven years of repeated disasters, both domestically and internationally, under a glib egomaniac in the White House, so many potential voters are turning to another glib egomaniac to be his successor.

Mona Charen, " In December, Public Policy Polling found that 36 percent of Republican voters for whom choosing the candidate “most conservative on the issues” was the top priority said they supported Donald Trump. We can talk about whether he is a boor (“My fingers are long and beautiful, as, it has been well documented, are various other parts of my body”), a creep (“If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her”), or a louse (he tried to bully an elderly woman, Vera Coking, out of her house in Atlantic City because it stood on a spot he wanted to use as a garage). But one thing about which there can be no debate is that Trump is no conservative—he’s simply playing one in the primaries. Call it unreality TV.


David Macintosh, " These are not the ideas of a small-government conservative who understands markets. They are, instead, the ramblings of a liberal wannabe strongman who will use and abuse the power of the federal government to impose his ideas on the country."

Glenn Beck, "If Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination there will once again be no opposition to an every-expanding government. This is a crisis for Conservatism."


Donald Trump does not seek to restore Conservative principals he seeks to manage the over bloated, ever increasing government for power and narcissism, not a government of, for, and by the people.



Barak Obama has been trying to destroy America, as we know it, for the past 7 years.  Conservative's such as the three above have been fighting against it while Donald Trump has supported Barak Obama. Only over the last 9 months has Trump claimed he has changed his mind on, abortion, gun rights, and bail outs. He has not changed his view on single payer government run health care, he supports it. He has not changed his belief on eminent domain, he loves it.


If Republicans vote for Donald Trump they have lost conservatism and destroyed the only opposition to what they claim they have been fighting for decades, Progressivism.


Powerline wrote an article this morning demonstrating FoxNews attacks over Trump mania with facts. While the article names a few voices I would like to add Bill O'Reilly who is no conservative, but has abandoned "analysis".  Over the past year and a half Bill O'Reilly has abandoned journalism is support of activism for any cause he deems. He uses the facade of "analyst" as cover however the dictionary definition of analyst as, " a person who conducts analysis."


His support of Kates Law, however altruistic, is activism and not analysis. His support of Trump which he says he agrees with because the system "is corrupt" is activism not analysis. His support of Catholicism is because he is a Catholic not analysis.


Funny how people end up supporting a guy who has made his fortune buying off the corrupt. In other words, has built his fortune being corrupt his entire life and now you expect him to fix the corruption?!  This is not logic and analysis it is hope for change. It's faith against logic and reason.


Donald Trump stood up and told a crowd this weekend "I could shoot people on 5th Ave and I won't lose a vote." It's instructive even Trump sees his followers as blind support (I'm putting it nicely).


Thomas Sowell believes support for Trump is because the "establishment" has been so weak fighting Progressivism and asks if elections are held for the "purpose of venting emotions?"  If Republicans support Donald Trump because he's the strong horse in the race then they've lost everything they stand for.

January 22, 2016

The Enlightenment was based in science as its highest order. While the post-enlightenment of the 20th century has sought, as its highest order, Social Darwinism and the study of race. Thus was born racial anti-Semitism and its evolutionary track it shares with anti-Zionism.

Caroline Glick does it again, she finds the words which show the morally reprehensible, illogical, idiocy of Jews and the "civilized world" helping create a bigoted state that is within arm's length of Jewish people.


A state who lays out its bigotry in its charter.  No Jews allowed.


A state who, no matter how many agreements they sign, (there have been 6) have not fulfilled any part of the agreement. Yet, there are those who seek to write and sign another, with the very people, who have sworn the destruction of the one Jewish state.


A world who claims Jews can live anywhere in the world accept for the place they own property, Judea and Samaria.


Where is the decency and sense of the world and, in particular, Jewish people who are complicit in and even helpful in creating such a bigoted state?!


Bravo Caroline! for being a voice of moral light in an ever increasing morally upside down world.     

Greta is the watchdog for government waste we all know exists, but say nothing about. In an ever increasing government who doesn't care about the money they misuse not being theirs, Greta is out raged for us all.


We live in a time where government power and corruption is expanding beyond its ability to operate. Whose appetite for control over the citizenry evolves daily and increasingly encroaches into every aspect of our lives, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.


The only way government can be, of the people, for the people, and by the people is for it to be small and weak enough to be fearful of its support of its people.


The bigger the government, the smaller the people. (D.P.)

January 21, 2016

Who are the Real Conservative's 


It seems many don't want to remember The Donald 6 months ago and have found their new Republican hero. The most recent disappointment was from Sarah Palin's endorsement. Then again, Sarah Palin was shredded by the Republican establishment and it might be her desire is to destroy the establishment more so than it is to advance conservatism.


Here's the problem I have with Sarah, there is a conservative in the race she's endorsed him in the past, his name is Ted Cruz. There is another conservative in the race and his name is Marco Rubio. For Rush, et. al., to claim Marco sold us out and is now the hated establishment says Conservative's are missing the big picture because if Marco is the establishment then Conservatives won.


The allure of Conservative's to get a long in Washington must be extremely difficult to ignore and have become a trap for those seeking to advance Conservative principals. Does anyone doubt Marco Rubio was told by Republican Leadership that if he wanted any of his ideas advanced, that would be the Conservative ones he sought, he would have to help pass the gang of 8 immigration bill he is now admitting was a mistake.


Immigration has been turned on its head by those who seek cheap labor and those who don't want any borders. No one believes, at least not if you have a brain, Trump is going to round of 15 million immigrants and deport them. Just like one must be a fool to believe Ted Cruz is not the Constitutional Republican in the race. Another Trump line he peddles for his crowds.


Yesterday I tuned in to Mark Levine, something I had stopped doing over the past few months, and heard something remarkable. Levine is now attacking Trump for going after Cruz, the real conservative in the race and claiming the attacks by Trump at Cruz are an attack on every one of us who believe in the Conservative values and principals Ted Cruz embodies.


I don't know when this new revelation came about but let's hope he has left enough time to show the fallacies and lies Trump has been peddling in order for Cruz to win in Iowa, if not Trump is the Republican nominee.


I wonder how many have thought Trump might be able to beat the weak Hillary Clinton, but larger more powerful forces in the Democrat party are looking to throw Hillary overboard with either an indictment or a loss to Bernie Sanders.


The Democrats will not allow Bernie to win, you can take that to the bank. However, Joe Biden might be asked to come in and save the day.  He and Ms. Elizabeth Warren as his running mate pose a much bigger threat to Trump and Republicans will lose. The only Republican candidate with the intellectual moxie to take on Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren is either Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. Biden is a very good campaigner and a better demagogue than Trump.


I really hope Conservative's use their heads and not their pride in a few weeks. Let us see how Trump handles an Iowa loss and the real thug will emerge, for those who have been too blind to see it already.

January 19, 2016

Supreme Court to rule on Obama immigration orders


The justices also added a question on whether Obama's action violated the Constitutional provision that he 'take care that the Laws be faithfully executed.'


The Supreme Court announced Tuesday that it will take up a case challenging the legality of President Barack Obama's executive actions aimed at granting quasi-legal status and work permits to up to five million people who entered the U.S. illegally as children or who have children who are American citizens.

The high court's widely-expected move gives Obama a chance to revive a key legacy item that has been in limbo for nearly a year, since a federal judge in Texas issued an order halting immigration moves the president announced just after the 2014 midterm elections.

The greatest threat to national security, climate change. Daniel talks about genuine threats not the nonsense the Left peddles.